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Check your apathy, be proud to graduate

By Anthony Jauregui
Senior Staff Writer

If you’re graduating this spring, you should care.

As an apatheticist, I don’t care about much in society. But, if there’s one thing I give a shit about, it’s graduating college, and it’s something you should care about too.

Graduates have gone through hell in their years of college, so it’s easy to understand why they would want to hop on their high horse and gallop out of here without so much as a hand shake from the seldom seen president of the school, but graduating college is an amazing prospect and dream many people cannot say they’ve had the opportunity to experience.

No matter what the case is, whether they didn’t allow you to overload your units or you got your financial aid check deposited in the wrong account; these are petty reasons for not being ecstatic that you’ve accomplished what others do not have the opportunity to do. You shouldn’t focus on negative experiences you’ve had with the school when determining your decision to attend graduation.

Instead, celebrate your graduation like it’s your 21st birthday. It only comes once in most people’s lifetime so ignoring it would be like ignoring your first legal drink.

Finishing school is something all of us want, and ending it without a bang is an anti-climactic end to a lengthy journey. Paul Rendes, a 22-year-old senior history major said, “I think people should be excited about graduation. It’s a pretty big milestone.”

Not only is it milestone in your life, it’s one that not too many people can experience.

“You should realize how big of an event this is, because not that many people get to do it, and why not be excited for yourself?” said Elvira Garcia, a 22-year-old senior sociology major.

There is no debate that graduating college is something that takes perseverance from students, but not being excited or not caring about graduation is absurd. This is the day that you flip off who ever said you couldn’t do it and move on with your life. And if you think that you don’t need to shake the president’s hand nor stand in a long line to purchase your cap and gown, to say you graduated college, I understand.

But remember, this is the last time you can be a pretentious college kid and it’s okay to be on your high horse. At graduation, you’ll be on your high horse with a cap gown and think, “Man, I conquered this”.

Graduation should be something to look forward to. You may think the school screwed you over or you think the ceremony is just an event for people to fellate their pretentious egos or even think ceremonies are for the “conformists”, but people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg didn’t graduate college, and look at them now.

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