Student Recreation Center helps students get healthier

By Ileana Angulo
Staff Writer

Trainer Josh Thompson oversees his client Marisol Escudero, working hard to reach her goals at the Student Recreation Center on Jan. 16.

Trainer Josh Thompson oversees his client Marisol Escudero, working hard to reach her goals at the Student Recreation Center on Jan. 16

A new year often brings individuals the opportunity to reinvent themselves. Living a healthier lifestyle and attaining fitness goals are the top resolutions many decide to take on. On campus several students have also made fitness their resolution.

Marisol Escudero, a junior kinesiology major, has made leading a fit lifestyle her aim in order to become a firefighter. Escudero intends to reach her goals by working out daily.

With her busy schedule, Escudero manages to work out about four times a week and preps her own meals.

Clean eating habits contributes  to weight loss and muscle building. Nutrition is important, but cheat meals can actually help you stay disciplined if done in moderation.

“I still eat my doughnuts,” said Escudero, who was able to lose five pounds and dropped to 19 percent body fat.

Josh Thompson, a senior kinesiology major, is Escudero’s trainer at the Student Recreation Center.

His desire to help individuals started with himself. Struggling with his own weight, he changed his lifestyle around, which led him to help others through personal training.

He hopes to inspire students to commit to a fitness lifestyle.

Thompson believes being unable to find the time to work out is an excuse.

“If there is willingness and motivation individuals will find time to stay active,” said Thompson.

Both Thompson and Escudero agreed that motivation is more than a desire to look good. It sets a foundation for weight loss, which is a lengthy process.

Lack of progress can be discouraging and often deters people from continuing to stay on course.

Goal setting is imperative for staying on task and Thompson suggests setting short-term goals en route to the long-term goal.

Linsie White, a sophomore who works at the SRC, said, “It’s been really busy especially during the hours of 8 to 10 p.m. Students seem to come after class.”

People struggle to uphold their resolutions throughout the year, especially weight loss goals. Typically, student utilization of the SRC declines.

Escudero said that in prior years “it never worked” to maintain her goals.

She intends on making this year different.

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