CECE begins director search

With the current position of Director of the Career Development Center vacant, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Jim Drnek, has stepped in as Interim Director. The CECE is available on campus and on-line as an “access career resources for students, alumni, employers and community partners” according to the website.

Former head of the department for the CECE, Jane Evarian decided to take a new job out of state. With the position vacant, Drnek stepped in as interim director. With a background in student affairs at the University of Arizona and Cleveland State University, Drnek has a sense of what is needed by students.

“My goal is to have somebody in place on July 1, 2014,” “we are commencing the search process. It’s already begun and the very early initial stages are always important to making sure the job description is appropriate and it matches what the current needs are” Drnek said.

Administrative Support Coordinator for CECE, Kathy Velguth said, “He is very positive and an advocate for students’ needs”. According to Drnek, the department feels some changes are necessary to fit the students’ needs. “The goal is to have the position filled by July 1, 2014” said Drnek.

“With this in mind,” says Drnek, “it is not as important to fill the position quickly, as it is to make sure the position and the candidate are a good fit.” He is also working with others to make sure it is an all-around decision. “I am working with my supervisor, the staff and a couple students to make sure the job description fits the needs that we have,” Drnek said.

In addition to heading the department the position of director also entails “supervising and providing a lead to the professional staff in CECE” including “serving as liaison to faculty, staff, and community organizations in furthering the mission and goals of CECE” said Drnek. Drnek said the Director would take on the role of counselor as well and meet with students “if needed to provide career counseling in education to students directly.”

This application can be found at:

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