ASI mulls student-only gen ed reform committee

A meeting of the Associated Students Inc. took place on Friday, Jan. 17, in the multipurpose room to discuss various student issues and events.

The Student Union has been collecting signatures from students requesting The Wall Street Journal to be available on campus.

This addition of The Wall Street Journal would benefit all students, especially business majors. According to the Student Union and Organizational Governance Liaison, EJ Callahan, the Student Union only pays for The Bakersfield Californian.

It is yet to be determined if ASI will approve the addition of The Wall Street Journal. If approved, roughly 25 copies will be purchased two days a week.

Another issue discussed at the ASI meeting was a student-only general education committee meeting on Jan. 28. A time and place for the meeting has not yet been decided.

This would enable students to discuss courses offered and what students think should be considered cut or moved to general education status.

Thursday nights, from 5 to 9 p.m. is karaoke. Students can use iPads to connect with ASI’s Facebook page, which enters students into a drawing to win a parking permit for the next quarter.

Some changes to the CSUB campus were also discussed, such as the art department.

With a new art center being built, possible uses for the old art building were discussed.

One option was to alter the old building into private art studios for students, while another option is to make an art lounge for art students to gather.

Among events mentioned, ASI Director of Social Sciences and Education Stephanie Compos, mentioned planning a DJ competition.

Some new ideas were also suggested for turning the lounge into a 24-hour room where a students’ ID card will allow access.

Obtaining new copiers and a printer for the Antelope Valley campus was also recommended.

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