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Students conflicted over semesters

Roshelle Czar

February 21, 2017

Reporter   CSU Bakersfield is in its second semester after shifting from the quarter system, and some professors and students are still feeling the effects. CSUB was one of four remaining campuses in the CSU system t...

Coffee makes campus buzz

Jennifer Olague

February 21, 2017

 Reporter         Trying to focus and find the energy to step into class can be hard, but for some students, coffee gets the heart pumping and can make a sluggish Monday morning feel like a Friday...

CSUB offers scholarships

Glendy Ardon

February 21, 2017

Reporter   Higher education is an important personal investment opportunity.  Logically, education costs money, and money is a scarce resource for most college students.     However, there is financia...

CSUB builds for future

Sonia Lemus

February 21, 2017

Reporter    CSU Bakersfield has been working on two very important projects that staff and students can expect to see very soon.   The edible garden project, the humanities office and classrooms project.   Jennifer...

Campus constructs more parking

Mickey Van Horn

February 21, 2017

Reporter   A new parking lot is being constructed on the CSU Bakersfield near lots K1 and K2. The new parking lot will ease the anxiety of student drivers who now have trouble finding spaces. Vice President of Facil...

Counseling Center offers resources

Gustavo Reveles

February 21, 2017

Reporter   For many students, higher education offers a multitude of learning experiences and opportunities.   However, students’ educational journeys aren’t always flawless but present different mixtures...

Student Health Center offers plenty of services

Breanna Hunczak

February 21, 2017

Reporter     CSU Bakersfield students have the Student Health Center, but most do not use this facility because the students are unaware of the services it offers. The Student Health Center does not accept health i...

Lukens to bring awareness of events

February 7, 2017

By Breanna Hunczak Reporter      The community around CSU Bakersfield is not often informed about non-athletic events on campus.    That is all going to change with new Director of Public Aff...

Water must be conserved

April 29, 2015

By Natalie Lloyd Reporter Every student and staff at CSU Bakersfield should have received the Administrator Message in their email (if their email is updated on their mycsub) on the water conservation on the CSUB campus....

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