Local assemblyman talks to student leaders


Assemblyman Rudy Salas speaks about his life and experience as a politician to ASI at its meeting on Friday, Nov. 6. Photo by Chris Mateo/The Runner

Chris Mateo


Democratic Assemblyman Rudy Salas visited Associated Students Inc. in its weekly meeting on Friday to talk about his life and how he began to be interested in politics.
Salas, who worked in Washington D.C. for many years, said to the ASI board that he decided to come to Bakersfield to help the community that watched him grow.
“This is home,” said Salas.
Salas went on to explain why there was a $97 million funding for the California state universities.
“We like the Cal States,” said Salas. “The CSU campuses said they were going to use the money in order to support and serve more students.”
According to Salas, the UC campuses wanted the $97 million to keep running the schools and to accept more out of state students because that way they would be able to charge them out of state tuition making more money for the campuses.
Salas ended his presentation with a couple pieces of advice.
“You care about tuition. You care about the extra $97 million. You should care enough to spend 15 minutes to go vote for the people that help you with those decisions,” said Salas.
ASI went on with its usual agenda.
One of the topics brought up by the student government was making SOCIs public.
However, to the department that was collaborating on that issue the topic had not even been presented.
One of the problems that was brought up and might arise is that some of the professor’s classified information might be exposed.
Another topic presented by Alumni Liaison Sarah Hendrick was the possibility of bringing an interactive tool to CSUB called Portfoliam, which would act like LinkedIn but this would allow students to show other students what they are working on.
ASI holds its weekly meeting every Friday at Information Technology Services 3 at 3:15.