Student makes his mark by rapping

Student makes his mark by rapping

Maria Rodriguez

Multimedia Reporter



“Ohmaigash!!” is what Youtube follower Gratuie PSn had to say about Terran Bailey’s music video “Fall Thru” featuring Stacey Lee.

We have local talent; we have our very own rapper in the house. Terran Bailey, 23, is a young hip-hop artist who started writing his own music at the age of nine. He moved from Chicago to Bakersfield in 2009 to study at CSU Bakersfield.

Since then, Bailey has lived in Bakersfield and is a full-time student majoring in communications. But fame didn’t come easy, Bailey had to hard work for it.

“I was eighteen and a half, I was entering myself in contests and competing for prizes and all of that, and then, I became noticed,” said Bailey.

It wasn’t until producers Michael Brown and Ryan Black discovered his talent after listening to him, “They put me in a studio to record, and I started developing more into a music artist. It went on pretty much from there.”

He never gave up his dream because he was truly inspired.

“My inspiration pretty much comes from the music artists that came before me and everybody who’s in the music industry. To me is a great contribution, and they have something to bring, so I think my inspiration is the music industry in general.”

Bailey also has a strong affiliation with religion and his belief in remaining humble.

“I just like to stay grounded and humble you know, because there’s always someone else out there who’s just as hungry as you are. Always believe in God.”

Bailey said that his family has played a major role in shaping his beliefs in God and humility.

“I was raised by a single mother, my mom did a pretty good job communicating to her kids that she loved them. And I feel like I get a lot of my love for music from my dad because he was always into music.

“I didn’t even know if I wanted to go to college, you know what I’m saying. But I had a mom behind me that was like ‘oh you should go, it’s your education. It’s something no one can take from you.’”

The many struggles he’s gone through have given him strength to persevere, “My grandfather, he passed away and he was a big influence. He believed in me, and I just recently had a friend who passed away that was really close. And growing up, in the environment I grew up in is pretty much my motivation.”

Bailey has traveled all over the country, from Hollywood to St. Louis to Chicago and even outside of the states, to Tijuana, Mexico. He has sung alongside famous music artists. He’s opened up for various music artists including John Moses, DJ Quake, LMFAO and Snoop Dogg.

Without a doubt, Bailey has performed with some of the most prominent music artists in the industry. That is something that many have always dreamed. He performs every weekend in a variety of places for different crowds and singers.

“I’m pretty much gone every weekend,” said Bailey. “Like tonight I’m going out to Hollywood. I got invited to an event at Ohm Nightclub. I’ve pretty much performed in every part of Hollywood.” Despite the fact that Bailey is low key in the CSUB campus, he has performed locally.

“I’ve performed in Bakersfield. I did a show at B Ryders and another one in 21 Club with John Moses,” he said.

Besides being a hip-hop artist, Bailey also has his own brand called Uniquely Divided which has the motto of “Take a risk, do the unexpected.”

According to Bailey, he has over 11,200 Instagram followers and 17,900 Twitter followers.

Followers on YouTube have a lot to say about Bailey’s music. “Greetings from the UK we love T.BAILEY” written by PsnCodeCentral. “I think this song is ok X3” written by jawz essa.

“Fav Artist Drake, K.Dot, Cole Jay-Z, T.Bailey, Nipsey Hussle, Schoolboy” written by ArtistRacoon.

In his most recent music video titled, “Champ Bailey” YouTubers spoke their minds. “Love or Hate T.

Bailey you can’t knock his hustle and the fact that he is making crack joints and got the whole city behind him right now,” written by LorisLedwith.

“Delivery was raw brah, now keep the grind high you got da talent,” written by Mike Royce.

His promoter, supporter, ambassador, and best friend, Steven Sinzun, 24, has known Bailey for over four years now.

He acknowledged that Bailey is very kind. “Terran’s personality is very universal. He’s very versatile.When I first met him, he took the initiative to talk to me. He’s a classy guy,” said Sinzun.

He mentioned how down-to-earth Bailey is especially but not limited to his fans.

“He treats fans like they’re part of the movement,” he said.

Sinzun highlighted how family oriented Bailey is and how faithful he is with God, “He’s the person to be with his family. They’re important, God, family, and music.”

Darrell Thomas, 24, a performing artist and friend of Bailey from several years, declared Bailey is modest. Thomas said that Bailey treats fans and all people in general, with respect.

Despite it all, Bailey will continue to move forward in the music industry, making his music and freestyling.