Debunking the myth that the call boxes do not work

By M’Alyssa Bundy

If there’s something alarming here at school, who are you going to call? Campus Police. You most likely do not have the phone number to the University Police, which is 654-2111 so go save it now, memorized or your cell phone does not get reliable service everywhere on campus.
If something concerning is happening do not fear for there are big bright yellow emergency call boxes conveniently located all around campus that connect you straight to the campus police.
They are extremely easy to use as well; all you have to do is press one button and you’re connected right away to the campus police. There are two buttons: one for emergencies and one for information.
It has been rumored that some of these call boxes do not work. That wouldn’t be helpful at all now would it? I did not personally test each box because then the campus police would frown down upon me but I did test a couple by pressing the “info” button and they work.
Sally Larroque, dispatcher in the University Police office assured me that all of the emergency call boxes work and that they are checked every six months.
The University Police are open 24/7 so somebody should be there to pick up that call no matter what time you do call.
As the campus website states, “The officers can provide information regarding legal issues, serve as liaisons to other law enforcement agencies, can provide emergency restraining orders, and will provide escort services on campus if a student feels unsafe.”