Support local businesses at Haggin Oaks Farmers Market

Dina Olvera, Features writer

The Haggin Oaks Farmers Market is available to the public and located in the parking lot of Kaiser Permanente, on 8800 Ming, Bakersfield. The farmers market is open, whether rain or shine, every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

     The market is pet friendly and family-oriented, with many who come to support local businesses. Local vendors selling items such as fresh produce, drinks, coffee, clothes, books, and more can be enjoyed by visitors.  

     With the crowd waiting in lines for their favorite products and produce, it is evident that Bakersfield shoppers are grateful and appreciative of the farmer’s market. Selling out of their fresh produce, vendors are happy to bring the community the option of organic and natural products.  

     When visitors enter the farmers market, they are welcomed with a variety of aromas. From sweet bread to spicy tacos, vendors are ready to serve with a smile. The positive energy brings the community together.  

    The visitors are able to connect with the vendors they are buying from and develop a relationship that is difficult to do in a grocery store. This is what people love most when asked about their top reason for visiting the farmers market. 

     People build relationships and learn about their fellow community members or out-of-town visitors.  

     Mathew Dykes, 19, born and raised in Bakersfield, said, “Seeing the community come together is my favorite part about coming here.”  

     Dykes mentions how he usually sees the same people when he visits the farmers market and loves the conversations he is able to have with his favorite vendors.  

     Vendors also feel the same way about being a part of something that brings the community together.  

     Bridgette Love, owner of Cross My Hearth, is selling her crystals and incense for her second year at the farmers market. Love was looking for an opportunity to serve others with the same positive results she gained with her incense and was inspired during quarantine to sell it online.  

     When the farmer’s markets reopened, she was excited to be able to grow her business by serving customers in person. Love said, “The community is my favorite part of the market.” Love enjoys meeting new people and hearing how her products help them.   

     Daniela Contreras and Kassydi Rappuhn overlook and manage the H-&-A Farms fruits and vegetable booth. They often have long lines of customers patiently waiting to get their hands on the delicious fruits and vegetables.  

     Contreras said, it’s the “mutual connection through food” which makes her appreciate being a part of the farmer’s market. There is a synchronized understanding of healthy choices throughout the community.  

     Rappuhn said, “You meet a lot of good people here.”  

     They both enjoy the atmosphere and feel that their work is rewarding.  

     Do not miss out on the opportunity to shop outdoors, meet new people, eat fresh,

and shop local. The Haggin Oaks farmers market does not disappoint and is here for its community.