ASI to host ‘Runner Nights promotional event

Teresa Balmori Perez, Assistant News Editor

Flyer provided by CSUB Campus Programming.

California State University, Bakersfield’s ‘Runner Nights carnival will return this spring semester after three years on March 24. Associated Students Inc. will host a promotional event on March 8 at noon outside of the Student Union Building.

The annual ‘Runner Nights carnival usually takes place in the fall semester: however, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CSUB still had to follow some safety protocols such as mandatory masking and self-screening. Because of this, CSUB decided to hold off on the event.  

Since CSUB lifted its COVID-19 protocols in November of last year, Campus Programming decided to bring back the carnival this spring semester, according to Veronica Catalan, the campus programming director at CSUB.   

“We wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to provide, you know, the festival or the carnival for the students. So, it wasn’t celebrated in the fall, not because we didn’t want to but we were being mindful because of the height of the pandemic,” Catalan said.  

Catalan said that the event will be a traditional carnival with a DJ, carnival rides, games, music, and food for students. Clubs and organizations will also host tables and booths with different activities that students can participate in.  

“So, pretty much, we are keeping the tradition of keeping the same concepts of the carnival…for the students to come out and just have a good night,” Catalan said.  

Kaya Flores, a history major at CSUB, thinks that it would be very nice for students to have a spring carnival.  

“I think it will be refreshing. Of course, I think precautions will be taken so that people don’t get sick and we can continue to enjoy our lives on campus even after the carnival, but I hope that a lot of people will participate and have lots of fun,” Flores said.  

Kat Monique, a computer science major at CSUB, said that the event would be an opportunity for students, especially freshmen, to connect and make friends.  

According to Catalan, Campus Programming is still working on some of the planning for the event. However, she ensures it will be a fun night for all students.  

“We want to have an event for students to have a safe and fun environment where they can come out with their friends, meet new friends and just simply have a good time,” Catalan said.  

The event will be free for all students and will be held at ‘Runner Park in front of the Student Recreation Center and the Student Union building from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.  

Students can also email Catalan at [email protected].