Runner Recipes: Five favorite smoothies

Baylie Ruiz, Features Writer

For me, having a smoothie is a great way to still work in a quick meal on the go if I’m not able to eat. Between work and school, I am constantly on the go, so having something that is filling, like a smoothie, that I can drink, is very helpful for me. Here are a few of my favorite smoothie recipes that are my go-to’s. They are fairly quick and easy to make.

Ingredients For Tropical Sunset smoothie. Photos by Baylie Ruiz / The Runner
Ingredients for Banana Butter smoothie.
  1. Basic Berry: One cup of berry mix (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries -can be frozen or fresh), one banana, one 6 oz. yogurt container- strawberry or vanilla are my favorites, as much honey as you please, and finally, 8 oz. of milk* to make the smoothie creamier. This smoothie is my main go-to. I always throw in a few extra strawberries because they are my favorite.
  2. Tropical Sunset: One cup pineapple, one banana, one 6 oz. peach yogurt container, 8 oz. of orange juice, and a dash of honey. If you do not like berries and prefer a more citrusy pineapple taste, this is the smoothie for you. I often go back and forth between tropical sunset and basic berry.
  3. Banana Butter: Two bananas, two tablespoons peanut butter, one 6 oz. vanilla yogurt container, 8 oz. milk*, and of course honey. For a thicker consistency, you can add ½ cup of oats. For that chocolatey peanut butter goodness, you can add chocolate protein powder or substitute the 8 oz. of regular milk for chocolate milk. You can’t go wrong with peanut butter and banana: it just makes sense.
  4. Peach Cobbler: Two cups peaches, one 6 oz. peach yogurt container, 8 oz. milk*, ½ cup of oats, cinnamon, and honey. My take on a deconstructed peach cobbler; not the same, but fairly close.
  5. Apple Pie: One sliced apple, two 6 oz. vanilla yogurt containers, 8 oz. milk*, ½ cup oats, cinnamon, and honey. My take on a deconstructed apple pie. For a more authentic apple pie taste, you can substitute the oats with graham crackers.

*Milk can always be substituted with dairy free options, such as almond or oat milk.

These smoothies can be made customizable based on taste, preference, or allergies. If you are dairy-free, milk and yogurt can easily be replaced with substitutions such as almond milk, oat milk, or even apple sauce. Smoothies are very easy to replace the ingredients to create a flavor that is personalized for you. What I like and what you like may not be the same, and that is okay.

Pictured on left is Banana Butter and right is Tropical Sunset. I added strawberries to Tropical Sunset last minute; it is normally yellow in color.