Campus leaders discuss breast cancer awareness and upcoming events at ASI meeting

Jaylene Collins, News Reporter

The Associated Students Inc. and club representatives discussed breast cancer awareness and upcoming events during the ASI meeting on Oct. 14. 

Jacob Roper, the director of natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering, shared that a breast cancer awareness event will be held on Oct. 27. The event will be held in the Science III building in Room 108 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

“I’m really excited for this event because I know there were students concerned with the lack of breast cancer events last year and I’m really excited for this because I’m hoping that students understand that we do care,” Roper said.  

Additionally, Roper said this event will be impactful because sharing the risks of breast cancer and preventative measures is important.  

During the event, there will be food and guest speakers from RNs and surgical oncologists who will discuss testing, screening, and treatment for breast cancer. Audience members will be able to ask each guest speaker questions. 

Sarah Alame, the director of sustainability, shared that the Students for Sustainability club will be hosting a “Zero Waste Halloween” on Oct. 21. 

Students and faculty will be able to partake in various Halloween activities and enjoy food at the Edible Garden from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for “Zero Waste Halloween.” 

“We’re going to be carving pumpkins and we’re going to have a contest— a D.I.Y. costume contest. So, you have to D.I.Y. your costume,” Alame said.  

Campus Programming will be hosting an “Ally Rally” and “Expressions Nights” for OUTober on Oct. 27.  

Additionally, Campus Programming is working with Jorge Villatoro, CSUB’s equity, inclusion, and compliance specialist, to host a “First Generation Celebration” on Nov. 8. 

Campus Programming will be sharing more details about each event with students as the dates approach.  

Ramneet Dhillon, the vice president of campus life, shared details about the upcoming “Halloween Week” from Oct. 24 through Oct. 28. 

Pumpkin cookies and motivational quotes will be given out in front of the ASI office on Oct. 24 

There will be an inflatable obstacle course on campus on Oct. 25. The location of the course is to be determined.  

“Runner Letter Day,” a student success fair, and pumpkin painting will be held on Oct. 26. Freshmen will be able to receive a motivational letter from the CSUB community for “Runner Letter Day” on the Student Union Patio. Clubs and academic programs will have information tables around campus for the student success fair.  

Lastly, Dhillon shared that ASI will be hosting a blood drive on Oct. 27. Houchin Community Blood Bank will be bringing a bus where students may donate blood on the lawn by the CSUB University Police Department office.