Cal State Bakersfield’s Director of track and field sees exciting opportunities coming

CSUB track coaches

photo of CSUB track coaches

Madalyn Powers, Sports Editor

Cal State Bakersfield’s director of track and field, Marcia Mansur-Wentworth, sees exciting opportunities coming for the Track and Field program both this season and in the coming years.  

For the 2022 season, Mansur-Wentworth has seen real improvement in her athletes. Specifically men’s field events, women’s pole vault, and women’s hurdles. The main goal is always to make it to the podium. Within this season we have #6 in the 100 meter dash Mariah Lesure, #8 in the 800 meter Curtis Threlkeld, and in the Womens 400 Hurdles we have both #2 Riley Slayton and #9 Julia Stein. 

For the future, Mansur-Wentworth’s goal is to continue to sign impact athletes to compete in the NCAA West Regionals. The goal is to prove that the CSUB track team can get to the next level.  

When speaking to assistant coach, David Gaeta, he exclaimed his goals for the season.He aims to make it to the NCAA West Regionals finals which takes only the top 48 athletes. For CSUB track history we have only had two hurdlers ever attend.  

Gaeta emphasized the potential these athletes and program hold by beginning in Division 2,  advancing to Division 1, and is currently in NCAA West Regionals. The undoubtful potential for greatness is there. His hope is to always get local athletes into the program, as well as the right ones that will feed into program history.