On campus resources available with COVID-19 screening


Alexis ly

California State UniversityBakersfieldstudent attends class from a study cubicle in the first level of the library. Wednesday, September,1, 2021.

  Students can use programs and resources on campus during the fall semester if they complete the mandatory COVID-19 self-screening before each visit.  

Water W. Stiern Library

  Walter W. Stiern Library is open during the fall semester and the library staff is placing hand sanitizer dispensaries throughout the library. If a student does not bring a mask, the library staff can provide them with one said Kristen Gallant, outreach and user engagement librarian.  

  According to Gallant, students can use the study rooms and technology assistance at the Library Reference desk. Library staff is bringing back in-person events and exhibits, which include an exhibit on the migrant labor experience and how society presents it. 

  During the fall semester CSUB students, staff and faculty can use the computer labs on campus. One of the computer labs is located at the bottom of the Walter W. Stiern Library where CSUB affiliates can use the computers and obtain their CSUB ID cards. 

    “People can use computers to either do their schoolwork or print stuff out we also do laptop loaners so whoever qualified to get a laptop, hotspot or iPad we loan them out to them … and have them bring them back in a specific date,” Adam Ilarde, a student employee in this computer lab, said.   

Counseling Center

  The CSUB Counseling department is in the Student Health Center Building and is open from Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can contact a counselor through the school website to schedule an appointment for a one-on-one therapy session, all appointments are via zoom.  

  Eric Lord, a counselor on campus, stated the Counseling Center is taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. Students can meet in person only after taking a COVID-19 screening to make sure they have not been exposed to the coronavirus. If cleared, students can meet with a counselor while wearing a mask.

  All programs in the Counseling center are free for CSUB students. If students need help after hours, they can call the Counseling Center at (661) 654-3366 and press 2 anytime. CSUB also offers other programs and workshops to help students with anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, and social confidence. 

  Lord said the Counseling Center also offers group therapy weekly, biweekly, and on certain days of the week once the program gets started. Groups are “more therapy oriented – everyone sits and talks.” To join a group or workshop, call in before to be put on the list to receive the zoom link. 

Student Recreation Center

 CSUB students can also utilize the Student Recreation Center, which is located near the Student Union.  

  “Most of the building is open and available to students. We’ve spread out some of the equipment just to allow for social distancing. Basketball courts are open … we are putting a little bit of a pause on intramural sports just until October once the vaccine mandate gets put into place, but we will be offering activities that minimize contact,” said, Mary O’Mahoney, Director of the SRC. 

  To access the SRC resources students need to sign the SRC waiver either in person or on the SRC app, their CSUB ID or they can log into the CSUB SRC app where a barcode will appear once the student logs in and the mandatory COVID-19 self-screening.