CSUB sees an active return to campus

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Jacqueline Gutierrez, Staff Writer

  Associated Student Inc. held their first meeting of the fall semester on Aug. 27, during which the board discussed topics including upcoming activities for Latinx Heritage Month and other events.   

  Throughout the meeting board members and speakers emphasized the importance of completing the mandatory COVID-19 screenings before visiting campus, getting vaccinated and voting in the upcoming California recall election on Sept. 14.  

  Afaf Aldhulay, Coordinator of Campus Programming, updated ASI on The Rowdy Run and other events for this fall. 

  “Last night (Aug. 26) we had our Rowdy Run, we had to skip it last year, so we were really excited to have it again this year … we had over 140 students, freshmen and sophomores there, the stands were full…”Aldhulay stated during the meeting.  

    According to Aldhulay, CSUB students can watch “Ferris Buller’s Day Off” during a free drive-in movie event tentatively scheduled for Sept. 10.  

  Aldhulay did not go into detail about specific events but she updated the board stating Campus Programming is planning events for Latinx Heritage Month. 

  Representing the University Police Department, Chief Martin Williamson, said parking at CSUB is back to the way it was before the pandemic, in regards to cost.  

  Chief Williamson stated, in regards to COVID-19 protocol if a student receives a message or phone call from case management after they visit campus, it is important that they respond. If they do not, they will need to be quarantined for the safety of the community.  

Those wishing to visit campus can fill out the COVID-19 screening at csub.edu or by downloading the CSUB Mobile App.

   Sarah Hendrick, Director of Alumni Engagement, told the board The Runner Bridge Program will soon be recruiting mentors. This program allows CSUB students, staff and faculty and alumni to receive mentoring and networking.  

  Hendrick discussed the Runner Alumni Mentor Program, a personal mentoring program where a CSUB mentee is paired with an alumni member/professional mentor.  

  “Looking forward to being a mentor again in CSUB RAMP,” President Lynette Zelezny typed in the chat during the meeting.  

  Christina Contreras read the CSUB Land Acknowledgement, which states that CSUB acknowledges and respects the Native land that the institution is built on, according to the CSUB website. 

  The CSUB Land Acknowledgement is read before every ASI event, graduation, Academic Senate and more, according to the CSUB website.  

  The next ASI meeting will be held virtually on Sept. 3 at 3 p.m. at https://csub.zoom.us/j/884848759.