Review: Crumbl Cookies versus Sweet Beast Desserts

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Assistant Opinions Editor

On the west side of Bakersfield one can find two new dessert shops, and they are the first of their kind to arrive in Bakersfield. One is Sweet Beast Desserts where you can find healthy, sugar-free, and keto-friendly desserts, and the other option is Crumbl Cookies where you can find a variety of delicious cookies.   

Sweet Beast Desserts can be found in Frugatti’s Plaza, which is located off of Truxtun Avenue, and there you can find a variety of guilt-free donuts and coffees. Even though they are a doughnut shop, they have many different types of doughnuts. Some of the doughnuts that they serve include cookies and cream, peanut M&M, and a Red Velvet doughnut. And it is a good shop to go to if you are looking for healthier options. At Sweet Beast most doughnuts are around 135 calories and they include protein, according to the Sweet Beast online menu.  

One neat feature that you can find at Sweet Beast Desserts is the incorporation of hip-hop icons. In the shop, you can see a large painting of Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and even a Kobe Bryant inspired painting. And on the menu in the shop, you will find that the drink sizes are labeled as “Smalls” and “Biggie.”   

Lily Bussell

On the online menu, you can find all the doughnut types that they offer and the nutritional facts. One doughnut from the shop is the cookies and cream, and it contains 12 grams of protein, according to the online menu. The 12 grams of protein added to the doughnut make it satisfying, but also heavy and very dry.   

The doughnuts are a reasonable price of $4.99 for their size and inclusion of protein, keto-friendly, and vegan-friendly ingredients.   

The other dessert shop is Crumbl Cookies, which is located in The Shops at River Walk on Stockdale Highway. And it is a good option if you are looking for a satisfying, sweet and heavy dessert.   

The cookies are $4. You can also purchase a box that comes with four cookies for $13 and a party box that comes with 12 cookies for $33. And even though it is a cookie shop, you can also purchase ice cream and drinks.   

Even though the shop is always busy, the staff works fast to attend to you and give you your order.   

Crumbl Cookies has a wide variety of cookies, and the menu changes every week, but they do keep their classics on the menu, according to the Crumbl Cookies website.   

The toffee, chocolate chip, peanut butter brownie, and pink velvet cookies are delicious and will satisfy your sweet tooth.   

Overall, both dessert shops may seem a little expensive, but the sizes and quality of the items make up for it. They both have fast and friendly service. And the only factor that sets them aside is the nutritional aspect.    

Lily Bussell