The virtual concert we all needed

Alyson Bravo, Photo Editor

On Sunday Sept. 20, Latin artist Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, was the headlining performer, who left his fans and many others around the world star-struck. Bad Bunny performed his most popular and best songs from his album YHLQMDLG (except “Safaera” which is one we all wanted to hear) on top of a moving truck that traveled throughout New York City. This truck traveled through the Bronx, Washington Heights, and Harlem, to name a few.  

Not only did he bring happiness and good music to the people of New York, but to over 10 million people who watched the live stream provided by Uforia, a free music/radio app. Uforia live-streamed this 2-hour virtual concert on their YouTube channel which is where this concert was able to be accessed. Bad Bunny’s YouTube channel also streamed this amazing, one of a kind free event for the world to see. 

Bad Bunny, one of the top Latin artists, and quite honestly the best artist, made an unforgettable virtual concert that made history. As many artists had to cancel their live concerts due to the pandemic, Bad Bunny knew his fans deserved their concert during these difficult times, especially New York, who was hit the hardest by COVID-19. 

During this concert, Bad Bunny had several special guests to sing some of their top songs. Colombian singer J Balvin, who is my favorite artist, Panamanian artist Sech, and Mora from Puerto Rico were the special guests that Bad Bunny surprised everyone with. Bad Bunny danced on top of the moving truck while having a police escort behind him. Fans were running alongside the truck wanting to record him and get him to notice them, something I would have definitely done as well.  

As we all know, September was Hispanic Heritage Month, and this was definitely a highlight to remember. Bad Bunny stopped New York traffic to bring many people an experience that no one has provided us with, and they happen to be Latinos representing many countries and bringing us together for this event. The fact that no one has ever done this sort of event, makes me even more proud of being a Hispanic woman. We too can make history. 

Throughout the live stream, there were little breaks where Bad Bunny was being interviewed for the event. In an interview with Billboard, he mentioned the importance of voting, especially when being a part of a minority group. “We must vote and raise our voices because it boils down to giving ourselves respect as people and as Latinos. That’s why you have to go vote,” he told Billboard. 

Bad Bunny ended the concert by performing his song “Yo Perreo Sola” in front of a hospital where the staff and others were waiting to welcome him. “Respect and thanks to those people who have sacrificed their lives in this city. With a lot of faith in God, I sense that good things are coming. I know we are going through very difficult times, I have made thousands of mistakes, but my only mission is to try to be a better person every day,” he told Billboard. 

This concert is something we all needed to see during these tough times. As someone who has lost several members due complications of COVID-19, being able to enjoy this free concert from the comfort of my own home allowed me to distract myself for a while, and to step away from my responsibilities. Although Bad Bunny is the only one that has provided this for his fans, I think that other artists should do the same.  

This unforgettable 2-hour concert only sets an example of what other artists should look in doing for their fans. It was safe for everyone to watch, including the artist to perform. We all deserve to get a concert from our favorite artists, especially if we got refunds from cancellations due to the pandemic. Not only can this be done for the public, but gives the chance for artists to do what they love, which is performing. We all deserve a break from the chaos that is surrounding us, and music is something that can help us de-stress, even if it is only for two hours.  

Although this concert was free to the public, which was amazing and accessible to all, I believe that there should be a fee to get access to watch the event. Whether the fee is for the artists to keep for themselves, or to be given to a charity of the artist’s choice, there should still be a fee to help others who may be struggling in these times of the pandemic. Regardless if it is free or if there is a fee, I am sure the public and fans will still enjoy a virtual concert by their favorite artists.