‘Runners find new ways to exercise at home


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Francisco Ruiz, Features Writer

 As the stay-at-home order carries on this month, gyms have closed due to health concerns because of the new coronavirus. Before the COVID-19 outbreak happened, many individuals would go to the gym as a stress reliever, to live a healthier lifestyle, or just as a hobby.  

  Being quarantined at home gives people limited options for working out. At home, there isn’t always the necessary equipment available, such as a treadmill or a stationary bicycle, but there are always other ways to work out without needing a gym or gym equipment. 

 “For me, every morning I go on a jog around my neighborhood. If I don’t feel like jogging, I’ll put out my yoga mat and search for a 20-minute workout routine on YouTube,” CSU Bakersfield graduate student of social work Ivonne Bermudez said.   

 According to Bermudez, there are more ways to work out such as, jogging, walking, bike riding around the neighborhood. If it’s a rainy or cold day, there are always workouts to do at home.   

“All my physical fitness activities are done outside to have a time out of the house. I typically go biking or walking around my neighborhood along with my father. Also, I am taking the time to learn how to skateboard around my block. I am not much of an indoor person. I occasionally do push-ups, sit-ups as a form of exercise in my room,” CSUB criminal justice student Christopher Madrigal said.   

 In other words, Madrigal explains, he doesn’t like to work out inside his room, but occasionally he works out in his room if he doesn’t feel like going outside like usual.   

  “At first it was hard to adjust to these circumstances, and I was being pretty lazy. Now, I kind of built my own routine doing body weight exercises by watching YouTube videos. YouTube has been my best friend. Also, there are celebrities on Instagram like Francia Raisa who do daily yoga live streams, and I think that’s super awesome,” CSUB graduate student of biology Nahliel Ruiz said.  

 Ruiz explains that she doesn’t need a gym to work out. Instead, she works out on her own at home at her own pace with different types of exercises, just as if she was working out at the gym.   

 “I practice my martial arts, Chinese lion dance, and use the weights I have at home. I also do yoga and tai chi. For my mental health, I meditate and draw schematics for DYI projects. I’m currently in the process of making a couple of bookcases, a squat rack, and a pull up bar. In between classes via Zoom, I try to escape to go hiking,” CSUB kinesiology student Arturo Chavez said.  

 Chavez explains that he usually works on his martial arts as a form of workout. He also practices yoga, and lastly, he is building a few things such as a bookcase, pull up bar, and a squat rack so he can work out with them once he is done and ready for use.