Runner Recipes: Tortilla Pizza


Lauren Hill, Features Editor

  Picture this: It’s a Saturday, you’re at home on lockdown, you’ve already made all ten of your go to meals this week, you’re dreading going to the grocery store, and the food you have at home is limited. 

  This is the recipe for you! 

  Tortilla pizzas are one of my go-to dishes when I want to satisfy a craving, but don’t want to completely indulge. It’s healthy and colorful and so delicious! 

  Prep/Cook time: 25-30 minutes 


  • Tortilla – Any tortilla works. For this specific pizza I used a flour tortilla, but an Ezekiel tortilla or brown rice tortilla from Trader Joe’s also taste great.
  • Vegetables – This part is fun because there are so many options! I used spinach, yellow and orange sweet peppers, and grape tomatoes. 
  • Meat (Optional) – I used andoullie chicken sausage, which can be bought at most grocery stores. Choose no meat for vegan/vegetarian tortilla pizza. 
  • Cheese (Optional) – Cheese is not necessary if you want your pizza vegan, but I used just a small handful of shredded mozzarella. There are also a ton of great vegan cheese alternatives. 


  This recipe is super easy, so I just “eyeball” how much I use.

  Start with setting your oven to 425 F. By the time your pizza is ready, your oven will be heated. 

  Coat your pan with olive oil. Trader Joe’s sells an olive oil spray that is perfect for this. I use it for everything. 

  Put your tortilla on the pan and assemble the pizza while it’s on 

there. This way you don’t have to move it with all 

the ingredients on it. 

  Spread marinara sauce or pizza sauce on the tortilla to start, then put 

down a base of spinach. Once all of the other ingredients are on top the spinach cooks down right onto the tortilla. 

  Lay out your vegetables over the spinach. 

  Then spread out your meat over the vegetables and put a small handful 

of cheese on top to stick everything down. 

  Put in your preheated oven for 15 minutes. At seven and a half minutes, take out your 

pan androtate the pizza 180 degrees, then put it back into the oven. This way, the whole pizza is getting cooked evenly. 

  Once the pizza is done cooking, you’ll have a beautiful crispy tortilla pizza. This is super easy and makes cooking fun.  

  Happy cooking, and make sure you wash your hands!