Sexual Ethics Education Fair

Briana Gutierrez

Along the red brick road at California State University,Bakersfield,Club GEN(Gender Equality Now!)along with professor Katy Hanson’s2329 Sexual Ethics class held their bi-annual event.

The event “Sexual Ethics Educational Fair” is meant to educate students on different sexual issues. Club GEN provided books and information on various things along with Professor Hanson’s students who designed different poster boards all with different themes. Themes ranging from BDSM, Sexual Assault, STD’s, Gender identity, and much more.

The fair included quizzes where students can interact within each other to learn more, goodie bags with pregnancy tests and condoms, knowledge on different STD’s and much more.Katy Hanson, religious studies and sexual ethics professor talked about how important this event is for students.

“We do this so that we can make sure that this kind of education is something that is occurring on campus. We want to make sure that these types of diversity are being recognized and celebrated on campus as well”, said Hanson.

With sexual assault recently rising, history major Valeria Padilla and psychology major Jennifer Cano at CSUB made sure to educate students on this topic.

“8/10 assaults are committed by someone the victim knows”, said Padilla.

Padilla and Cano spoke on what to do and what not to do when you are sexually assaulted and also educated students on who can be potential victims and perpetrators.In honor of sexual assault victims, Cano and Padilla had a wreath where students were encouraged to pin a ribbon for every person they knew that was sexually assaulted.

Vanessa Acevado, a human biological science major and her peers gathered around their “STD & STI” themed poster and talked to the students who gathered around them.

“We’re letting people know about STDs and STI’s and how you can prevent them” said Acevado.

After lecturing the students, Acevado and her peers began quizzing and playing fun games with the students. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves while learning at the same time. At the end of the games, Acevado handed out goodie bags that contained candy and condoms to those who got the answers correct.

There were different topics at the sexual ethics fair meant to educate the students while giving them resources so they can be safe.

Asia Hughes, a phycology major made sure to cover a very important topic that not many are educated on, consent. At the beginning of every semester, CSUB students are required to watch a video on this.

“Consent is a really important concept because it helps you build a foundation of trust that you want have with someone that you may be interacting with sexually. It’s important to understand where their boundaries are and what’s ok and what’s not ok”, said Hughes.