CSUB searches for new campus advocate


Picture of Vanessa Corona during the “Let’s Talk About Sex” held Spring 2019. Vanessa Corona is the former campus advocate and education coordinator for CSUB. Photo by Sergio Hernandez.

Jessica Wright, Asst News Editor

CSU Bakersfield’s campus advocate for sexual assault victims, Vanessa Corona, vacated her position approximately one month ago.  

  “The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault, with whom we partner to provide personnel to fill the position, is working with us to find a replacement as soon as possible,” Marcus Brown, who is the director of Equity, Inclusion, and Compliance and the school’s Title IX coordinator, wrote in an email. 

  There are several resources that can be utilized in the meantime, as well as after the position is filled. One of these resources is the partnership between CSUB and The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault (AAFVSA). The Alliance website states that they serve people of all ages who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  

  According to Brown, there is still advocacy on campus for these issues, and people can still get the assistance they need. Anyone in need can contact the 24-hour crisis hotline offered by AAFVSA at 661-327-1091, or reach a confidential advocate at their website, www.kernalliance.org. Confidential resources can also be found at the CSUB campus counseling center (661-654-3366) and health center (661-654-2394), and all safety concerns or crimes should be reported with UPD (661-654-2677, or the emergency line at 661-654-2111).  

  “There are so many people going through assault, so what are people going to do now? Because some people stay away from hotlines and authorities. It will be harder for victims to trust a strange face, and I think this will be a negative impact overall,” Monica Juarez, an English major said.  

Individuals can contact me or deputy Title IX officers in Housing, Athletics, [or] Student Affairs to discuss resources, options, or file complaints,” Brown wrote in his email. 

  If any person needs more assistance or resources, they can be found at the following website: www.csub.edu/compliance/TitleIX/Resources.