Air Guard to land Blackhawk at CSUB: Veterans Day Celebration

Maria Hernandez, Reporter

CSU Bakersfield is preparing an event to honor and celebrate veterans. Music, free food, a military vehicle display, and fun activities will continue the campus tradition of celebrating Veterans Day. 

  The Veterans Day celebration will take place in Runner Park near the Student Union on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019. The event will start at 11:00 a. m. and last until 3:00 p.m. The celebration is open and free to all CSUB students and the public community.   

  This is the second year that CSUB will be hosting this event. The event is going to start with a ceremony and information about why it is so important to thank veterans.   

  “We are expecting at least 200 people, if not possibly maybe more,” said Veterans Success Center Coordinator Jaime Pacheco.

  “Jessenia Mendoza, who is our Veterans Club president, is one of the drivers for the military vehicles that will be on campus,” said Pacheco. 

  All attendees will have the opportunity to take pictures with the Air Guards who will be visiting the CSUB campus.

  “An Air Guard will be coming from Fresno with a Blackhawk [helicopter], and they will land at the campus field at noon. There will be an opportunity for students to take a picture with the crew,” said Pacheco.   

  CSUB students can talk to service members and get information on what they do in the military. During the event, CSUB students can talk to service members and get information on what kind of jobs are available with the U.S. armed forces. Students will also have the opportunity to meet fellow Runners who are veterans, and learn how they can help support the veteran’s organization on campus.