CSUB & The Runner’s Guide to Sustainability

Carlos Hernandez

October is Sustainability month at CSUB and many students are finding their own way of being sustainable. From simple recycling to political activism, there is something for everyone in The Runner’s guide to sustainability. Nathaniel Rafael Torres, a communications major at CSUB,practices sustainability through recycling of his refreshments and snack’s packaging. Those types of individual changes are the basis of a solid start to sustainability month, but the collective power of the people demonstrated there is strength in numbers.

On September 27, 2019 a small group of CSUB students & faculty came together to ignite their second climate protest in hopes of spreading a big message that has caught fire around the world. Bianca Garibay, a double major at CSUB in kinesiology and human biology, says she organized & attended the protest to bring awareness to climate change and the inaction of the government when it comes to this issue.