Several grants received to give students healthier options


Ruuna Morisawa

A student using one of the campus’s water filling stations. Photo by Ruuna Morisawa.

Jessica Wright, Asst News Editor

The CSUB Sustainability Office has received funds from the Safety and Risk Department in order to add 30 more brand new water filling stations to the CSUB campus. In addition to the current water stations already on campus, these water filling stations will be going in places around campus that do not currently have any. This will not only provide better access for students, but also help cut down on waste.


Installation has already begun on these water filling stations, and according to Sustainability Coordinator Jennifer Sanchez, is expected to be done by the end of this semester.

“Every single new station does have a filter,” Sanchez said, addressing student concerns about the older stations not having filters. Those older stations cannot be retrofitted for filters and would have to be replaced entirely.

Student input on the filter filling stations seems positive. One student, nursing major Sarah Mcpherson, said, “I think it is great to cut back on trash. Also, I am more inclined to drink if it doesn’t smell weird or taste weird. I think it’s great to move to filters”.

“Our campus has diverted at least 1.5 million water bottles since the first station was installed in 2014,” said Sanchez, pointing out that the new water stations will make the campus more sustainable while giving the students cleaner water.

Several students participating in the Food Pantry’s services. Photo by Ruuna Morisawa.

The CSUB Food Pantry has also received two grants to provide better opportunities for student health and sustenance. The SB-85 grant, which is a basic needs grant provided by the California state legislature, allocated $75,000 for the food pantry. They have used this money to provide and grow their own garden located behind the softball field. This garden grows 1.5 acres of fresh produce for the pantry.

The food pantry has also received a grant in conjunction with the Center for Healthy Families. “The food pantry will be doing an outreach program to help wak students through the application process for CALFRESH,” said Ilaria Pesco, ASI Executive Director. CALFRESH is a state administered program that gives qualifying students extra funds to purchase food throughout the month.

The Office of Sustainability plans to bring more events to campus and get students involved with the upcoming campus sustainability month in October. Students can also reach out to the Food Pantry, located next to the Student Union, for information about their outreach program and fresh produce.