Beach Boys surf through Kern County Fair


Hana Ayoub

Opinions Writer

While the Beach Boys are not a new band, they can still attract a crowd as if they had just released their first album.

The Beach Boys performed with John Stamos for the opening night of the Kern County Fair, drawing in crowds of all ages. Toddlers, teenagers, grandparents, people of every age packed the stands at the Budweiser Pavilion, to the point where the entry had to be closed off 30 minutes before the show began.

This did not stop many more fans pressing up against the gates of the arena, all trying to get a glimpse of the amazing show. Every seat was filled, and the group had everyone’s undivided attention until the very last verse.

Although the Beach Boys are all older gentlemen, heartthrob John Stamos helped them keep the night young, playing the guitar, drums, and singing alongside the group. They covered classic songs, such as “Good Vibrations” and “I Get Around,” but also sang new music that they released recently.

Stamos sang along with every lyric, and even took over for the drummer halfway through the show. Many girls held up signs reading “Have Mercy,” which is John Stamos’ famous catchphrase on the show “Full House.” There was not one person in the arena that was not dancing or singing along, and it was truly a family-friendly event.

The band played music, but lead vocalist Mike Love kept the night lively by cracking many jokes as well, and asking John Stamos to humor the crowd with light drum rolls.

Towards the last few songs of the event, multiple fans were pulled up on stage to dance next to the performers, taking pictures with the men on stage.

For me, the performance was an amazing experience. The crowd had a good lighthearted vibe, and the family-friendly show was more than just a concert. Everyone in the arena seemed to hold great attitudes towards each other as well,as though the strangers sitting beside them were long lost friends.

It was a joy to see little ones dancing along with the music as well, even if they didn’t know the lyrics. I felt that was the power of the Beach Boys: bringing together people of all ages, and making them happy. There were many people, including myself, who were still humming the songs, even as we walked out of the pavillion.

Not only did the band put on an amazing performance, but the group gave inspiring messages about hope and the events of the world today.

John Stamos spoke about all of the negativity in the world, and that “At least we have the music of the Beach Boys to get us through.” He ended the night by thanking the crowd, and his last words before he left the stage were “Don’t give up on your dreams, anybody.”

Their words, as well as their performance, will truly stay with me forever.