Spring 2018 Club Fair

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Spring 2018 Club Fair

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By: Glendy Ardon and Raymond Tapia


On Wednesday, January 31 st , the office of student involvement hosted the spring club fair.
They do this every semester in hopes that students will have the opportunity to meet and join
others with similar interests and hobbies.

Mike Kwon, the graduate student intern for the office of student involvement, attended the
event and welcomed students.

“The spring 2018 club fair is an annual club fair for all student organizations to participate in.
To promote their organization and for all students to come out and join a club or organization
of their interest and just have fun for the afternoon,” said Kwon.

Curious students made their way through the booths to see what activities were offered at
CSU Bakersfield. Some booths offered candy and chances to win prizes, but they all had
information to share with prospective members.


“I just wanted to look around because I had been here last year and it looked pretty cool. I
ended up joining 2 clubs. The political science and the anime club,” Ortiz said.

The event catered to available students from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the expected attendance was
about 200. The goal was to reach out and promote involvement.

Paulina Sylvester, the Greek life intern at the office of student involvement says the club fair is
held each semester and that there is something for everyone to get involved in.

“We have over 100 clubs and organizations here on campus. There [are] 100 opportunities for
you to get involved. It ranges from cultural, to arts, to media, to activities. So many categories
that cover for all the clubs. So, there is going to be one just for you,” Sylvester said.

Freshman students were circling the booths in hopes to join a club or organization in which
they felt they could belong.

Esmeralda Hernandez, a first-year criminal justice student, was present at the event looking to
join a club and find new friends that could help her socialize.

“I always been in my own bubble. So like I want to branch out and I don’t know I feel like it
would be a good experience,” said Hernandez about the possibility of joining a new club.

Additionally, undeclared freshman student, Jesus “Chuy” Gandarilla, was pleased to learn
about the club fair and the happenings at CSUB.

“It’s pretty dope. I think there’s a lot of cool people here. I like what I see. I guess they are going
to build a new student union. I think that pretty cool. I’m thinking about rushing Kappa Sig. [because] I heard they’re a cool fraternity here. I think it’s pretty cool having a whole mess of
brothers around in college having fun and a good time,” said Jesus.

Promoting campus involvement is the main goal of the office of student involvement. Finding
a group of people to which students feel that they belong promotes the college experience
students want to have.

Mike Kwon wants students to know that being a part of an organization or club on campus can
positively impact students’ college experience.

“There is a multiple reason as to why students should get involved. I think the first thing is to
meet new people. Meet people who share their same interests, beliefs, etc. As well as just get
additional assistance and resources on campus,” said Kwon.