Academic Senate files for emergency meeting to discuss graduation


The Academic Senate is set to discuss possible alternatives to graduation in an emergency meeting with the Office of the President.

Christopher Mateo



  The Academic Senate has filed for an emergency session planning meeting with the Office of the President to discuss possible alternatives to the new ticket requirement CSU Bakersfield administration implemented May 3.

  Associated Students Inc. President Alex Dominguez said there were three possible alternatives the Academic Senate will discuss during the emergency meeting.

  One of the alternatives is to split the commencement into two separate commencements.

  The second alternative will be to change the venue and the third and final alternative is to increase the amount of tickets available for guests.

  “I was happy the Academic Senate stood up for our students in this manner,” said Dominguez. “It was a unanimous vote to hold this emergency meeting.”

  Dominguez said he is optimistic the resolution will be better than the current available option.

  Over the last two days some students have expressed their concerns with the new requirement.

  “I find it disturbing because [graduation] is two weeks away,” said psychology major Christina Martinez, 29. “Since the beginning, they have told us to not worry about tickets because it would be unlimited. Had I known this I would have not even participated. I would have just done Chicano Commencement. But now I have already bought my cap and gown and it is non-refundable.”

  In order to fit all the guests attending the ceremony, CSUB have reserved the women’s softball practice field and the Icardo Center as overflow areas.

  In these venues, the ceremony will be broadcast live through a big screen TV. However, to some students, this is not enough.

  “The overflow areas might as well not exist,” said biology major Sheri-Amor Craig, 22. “They can scream and cheer all they want, but we will never hear them. How will we know that they are proud of us at that time?”

  Craig also said she was disappointed the administration did not consult the ASI board and she thinks it is untrue the administration wants student input and then make a decision of this caliber without student input.

  She said she feels with that kind of action there is no point to have a student body.

  According to Dominguez, during the Academic Senate meeting on May 4, it was said that there will be over 17,000 guests, who will attend the ceremony. However, the Main Soccer Field only holds 10,000 students.


The Academic Senate is set to discuss possible alternatives to graduation in an emergency meeting with the Office of the President.