CSUB shows its pride


Criminal justice major Alyssa Olivara, 24, hands out candy and wristbands at her booth at the Consent Carnival during Pride Week at the Student Union Patio on Monday, April 17. Photo by Kabria Dodley/ The Runner

By Sonia Lemus


To kick off Pride Week, CSUB hosted the Consent Carnival on Monday, April 17 at Runner Park. 

The festival was in partnership with the university’s efforts to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. 

CSUB President Horace Mitchell read a consent proclamation to begin the event. 

The event had several booths from the LGBTQ club, Student Health Services and the Title IX coordinator, as well as many others. Title IX is a federal law that states no person be discriminated against in an educational program on the basis of gender.

The booths featured informational pamphlets, coloring sheets, tea and food. 

The tea booth encouraged people to watch the “Consent is as Simple as Tea” video on YouTube, in which sex is equated to tea: if a person doesn’t want tea, don’t make them drink tea. Students received cups of tea with an informational statistic or meme attached to it. 

The LGBTQ booth encouraged people to join the club and promoted events that will be held throughout Pride Week. CSUB will be hosting events all week such as the Ally Rally on Wednesday, April 19 and Coming Out Stories on Thursday, April 20. 

Jorge Villatoro, who is an administrative support coordinator in the president’s office, was at the booth about Title IX.

“We want to make students aware of Title IX training,” said Villatoro.

“The purpose of this event is helping promote education about consent and what it really means,” said ASI Vice President of University Affairs Oscar Alvarez.