COLUMN: My ex-boyfriend is a gay pornstar

Becca Romo

Multimedia Editor

  Breakups are tough, but they’re even tougher when you find out your ex-boyfriend is now a gay porn star.

  I was 16 when I found out my ex-boyfriend, Ezra Finn, was a gay porn star.

  To be fair, he was already 18 going on 19. But it was still pretty shocking to find out that he had been doing it since he turned 18.

  Word broke out, and everyone who we went to school with had found out within the span of a day.

   My classmates and I were all extremely shocked by the news.
  We all wondered what his reasons were for doing it.

  Not going to lie, I actually did a Google search for his porn name and watched a video of his out of curiosity.

  I can’t act like I have never seen him naked before.

  Definitely not my cup of tea, but I had to see it to believe it.

  The rumor spread like wildfire, and not only did people from our high school find out, but alumni attending community college found out too.

  If he thought he was popular before, then he was definitely popular when his secret came out.

  Luckily, I wasn’t dating him when he began working in the porn industry, since we separated before he turned 18, but I still felt betrayed that he couldn’t tell me that he was even considering it.

  He jumped into another relationship a few weeks after we broke up.

  He was involved in adult films already when he started dating her.

  They immediately broke up after he confessed it to her.

  We recently reconnected through Twitter and Snapchat. We mended our friendship, and we keep in contact with each other.

  He considers me a close friend since I knew him before he started his porn career.
  Our decisions led us to the path that we’re meant to be on.

  He’s told me multiple times that he doesn’t regret what he did, but it has made him into who he is today, and he wouldn’t want it any other way.