Old dorms buildings repurposed


Alfred Ray

The Lorien Building now houses the CAMP program, Cal-SOAP, MBAP and San Joaquin Achiever Scholarship Network. Photo by AJ Alvarado/The Runner

Megan Oliver

Business Manager


After CSU Bakersfield relocated student housing to the new east side building, many have been left wondering what plans CSUB has for the empty west side student housing buildings.

Over the past year the west side buildings have not only been housing students, but each building has been repurposed with new offices offering resources to help students in their higher education journey.

Each of the buildings have their own individual names: Dobry, Entwood, Lorien, Numenor, Rivendell, and Rohan. There is also the old dining commons and Modular west.

When going into the Dobry Building you will find the offices for California Energy Research Center (CERC), The Center for Social Justice, Grants, Research, and Sponsored Programs(GRaSP), and Southern San Joaquin Valley Information Center.

CERC provides resources for students to work with faculty on energy related studies.

GRaSP is a program that helps out students and staff that are looking for outside funding and resources in order to do independent research.

Inside of the Enstwood building you will find the offices for Intensive English Language Center, International Students and Programs, Study Abroad Resource Room and International Honor Society.

The Intensive English Language Center provides resources for those who would like to speak English more fluently.

The International Students and Programs Office (ISP) helps the international students transition to the campus.

The offices that are located in the Lorien Building are; College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP), Cal Student Opportunity and Access

Programs(Cal-SOAP), Roadrunner Parent Association, Migrant Book Assistance(MBAP), and San Joaquin Achiever Scholarship Network.

CAMP is a program designed to help freshmen migrant students to succeed in obtaining a higher education.

Cal-SOAP is a program that helps students to be successful in enrolling and attending college that either come from a low income family, are living in an area that has a small amount of college students, or are the first of their family to attend college.

Roadrunner Parent Association is program designed to support parents of CSUB students.    

The Numenor building houses the Academic Advising and Resource Center (AARC).

AARC provides resources to students by helping students to understand the general education requirements, select a major and learn how to set goals for the careers they might want.

The Rohan building is the house for the Multicultural Alliance and Gender Equality Resource Center, the Campus Advocate and the Education Coordinator.

The Campus Advocate provides free support for those who has suffered from sexual misconduct.

Rivendell houses the University Welcome Center.

The Dining Commons is the new home for The Kegley Center for Student Success and Modular West houses the University Outreach Department.

Each of these programs are designed to help students gain their degree by providing all the resources they need to be successful.