ASI reaffirms stance on discrimination


ASI board of directors discuss resolution SB103 at Friday’s meeting.

Javier Valdes

Editor-in- Chief


  CSU Bakersfield’s Associated Students Inc. reaffirmed its stance on discrimination by approving a resolution during Friday’s meeting that resolved the organization’s commitment to supporting active engagement in equity mindedness while advocating for student rights.

  ASI made its position clear on discrimination following the outcome of the 2016 presidential elections where Donald Trump was elected U.S. president through a resolution.

  “The outcome of the election has left several students feeling vulnerable and recent incidents throughout the country motivated by racial, sexual, religious or other prejudice have induced fear in our Muslim, LGBTQ+ and minority communities,” stated Senate Bill 103.

  Recently, CSUB students have reached the ASI board of directors with concerns over the election results.

   According to SB 103 resolution, some of the testimonies brought to the attention of ASI included students saying “maybe we should all leave already since we are not wanted here” and others asking “how can I succeed when I am unwanted in my own country?” 

  Resolution SB 103 was passed by the ASI board of directors.

  Earlier this week in an open letter to CSU students, faculty and staff of CSU Chancellor Timothy White wrote that the CSU will not enter into agreement with state or local law enforcement in regards to the enforcement of immigration law.

  Although the chancellor did not declare the CSUs as sanctuary campuses, the CSU policy states that it will not honor immigration hold requests and that university police will not contact, detain, question or arrest individuals based on lack of documentation.

  ASI President Alex Dominguez said that the CSU Office of the Chancellor has expressed that students that are affected by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and are currently overseas should look into returning to the U.S. before president-elect Trump takes office.

  “His (Trump) past rhetoric has reflected that he would not continue the DACA program,” said Dominguez. “The chancellor is warning that that’s a possibility that the president elect might not continue that funding so students who are overseas at this time…should probably get back home. If you’re still overseas by the time president-elect Trump is sworn in and inaugurated,  there is a chance that he could end the DACA funding which would affect those students which are overseas.”

  Dominguez said that they will continue to fight and advocate for all CSUB students.