CSUB gives variety of ways to become more involved

By Daniela Miramontes

Marketing Manager


The new school year brings opportunity for students to get involved at CSU Bakersfield.

The majority of CSUB students live in the Bakersfield area but not necessarily on campus like a lot of the other universities. This is what makes it so important for students to actively seek opportunities to get involved.

“Get involved, come to the events on campus, don’t squander the opportunity to make the most of your time here,” said ASI Vice President of Finance and human biology major, Precious Nwaoha, 21.

There are many clubs, organizations, sororities, fraternities, and events where students are able to get involved. Clubs range in interests including but are not limited to the Muslim Student Association, History Club, CSUB Democrats, and the LGBTQ+ Network.

Nwaoha is someone who is involved in various groups on campus. She said, “…I didn’t get involved until my sophomore year.” Nwaoha eventually got involved because she felt something was missing from her freshman experience, and afterwards she felt she had “a better overall appreciation of the college experience.”

Campus Programming Coordinator and alumni, Afaf Aldhulay, said: “…having a job on campus is what really pushed me to get involved.” She explained that working on campus kept her in the loop of campus activities.

The Center for Career Education & Community Engagement is a great tool to stay updated on what jobs may be offered on campus and can also be a great tool for students looking for community involvement in the form of internships off campus.

Mariela Gomez, 19, Business Administration major, is ASI Vice President of Programming but also works on campus at the SRC. Gomez said that “being active in clubs and organizations has developed my school pride.” She hopes to inspire others students to get involved this fall semester through her ASI position.

Returning student Jasmin Leon, 20, who isn’t as involved as they would like to be also wishes to remind students to “plan ahead schedules for your involvement because timing is everything.”

Leon is one of the many students who lives on campus but has to turn down a lot of activities due to her work schedule. She suggested that those with tighter work schedules participate in on-campus events on days off.

Aldhulay recommends that new students looking for somewhere to start getting involved log on to Org Sync and subscribe to a club or organization that piques their interest.