Marathon overruns CSUB

By Marilu Cisneros/ Assistant Multimedia Editor

By Marilu Cisneros 

Assistant Multimedia Editor


Photo by Scot Swan/ The Runner
Illustration by Magdiel Carrazna/ The Runner


The Bakersfield community gathered once again to participate in The Bakersfield Marathon on Nov. 12th, for its second year. 

  CSU Bakersfield served as both the start and finish line for the races.

  The marathon showcased many of Bakersfield’s more popular and notable parts. 

  “This is an event that highlights the community of Bakersfield. We invite hundreds of people from outside of our community. We have 16 states represented, 170-plus cities, someone from Japan is running our race today. What better way to show off our community, and the best parts of Bakersfield, than to bring folks here? We can direct the exact track they take through town, so we can show off Cal State, and BHS, and the bluffs, Westchester, and La Cresta all our beautiful neighborhoods,” said David Milazzo, Bakersfield Marathon’s executive director. 

  The marathon invited people from all over the world and more than 1,200 people participated in this year’s marathon. 

  For many of them, like Ryan Carmody, this was their first year participating in this marathon. 

  “I was well led throughout. I didn’t get lost at all. I was confident on where I was going and everything like that. There was plenty of water to drink and everything. Lots of support from people on the sidelines so overall, I think it was a really good half marathon,” said Ryan. 

  At the finish line, volunteers waited to greet runners with medals, pictures, and free massages. 

  “We are here giving out massages and stretches. So, when the runners come across the finish line, we are stretching them out, we are addressing any issues, cramping or muscle tightness. So, we are spending like five minutes with each runner,” said Tim Gojich, owner of Fit For Life gym.

  Adults, children, even dogs participated this year. Angela Bull walked the Runner 5k Run alongside her dog Samson.

  “We walked it. He doesn’t run… He doesn’t get socialization as much anymore, so I come to these events it gets him out, he likes it and he is kind of an attention getter,” said Angela. 

  After the races, participants and guests were able to enjoy live music, food, and drinks in the festival area. 

  “I mean what better event to be healthy, and then destroy that healthiness with some burgers, and pizza, and beer. I mean, awesome, right?” said David Milazzo.

  Some of the amenities the marathon had for the participants included a breakfast, and short sleeved shirt. 

  For participants 21 years or older, one free beer was provided. 

  The marathon also had a course for those who rather walk. 

   The Bakersfield Marathon will be back next year, on Nov. 11.

  One hundred percent of the donations made to the Bakersfield Marathon go to the CSU Bakersfield Roadrunner Scholarship Fund, for student athletes. 

  The Bakersfield Marathon is also a Boston Marathon qualifier.

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