Breaking News: Suspect identified, no charges filed

Paige Atkison, Assistant News Editor

The CSU Bakersfield police department alerted the campus community to an alleged sexual assault on CSUB’s main campus on Feb. 5. 

University Chief of Police Marty Williamson released an email describing the alleged assault, as well as the description of the suspect. 

Provided by University Police
Image of suspect in sexual assault case at CSU Bakersfield on Feb. 5.

As of Feb 6., the suspect has been identified as Bradly Brent, a 32-year-old Bakersfield resident who is not a student at CSUB.

“I fully deny the allegations,” Brent said. “I contacted the police shortly after hearing about these allegations.”

No criminal charges have been filed, and the other party involved in the incident has said no crime occurred, according to Nathan McCauley, the Public Information Officer for the Bakersfield Police Department.

Though there are no criminal charges, the investigation is ongoing.