CSUB gets ready to Suit Up


Natalie Rodriguez

Assistant Multimedia Editor

When going for an interview it’s important to dress professionally, so CSUB and J.C. Penney have teamed up to help students look like a million bucks but at a fraction of the cost.

This Sunday Oct. 14, J.C. Penney will close down the store for a private shopping experience for CSUB students and recent alumni in an effort to make professional clothing more attainable and affordable to students.

Employer Relations Coordinator at the Center for Career Education and Community Engagement at CSUB, Jill Lackey is responsible for making J.C. Penney’s Suit Up Event available to the CSUB community.

“J.C. Penney has collaborated with other universities nationwide and we are one of the lucky ones to be collaborating. Not only are you getting the already incredible discounts of 40 percent off, but then your getting an additional 40 percent off of that. So that men can buy a three-piece suit including a suit, including a tie and socks for under 200 dollars which is really unheard of, women they can pieces, mix and match blouses for about 100 dollars. So it’s a great opportunity and your making an investment in yourself, in your professional career and then moving forward because these are pieces that are timeless,” said Lackey.

The additional 40 percent off also to men’s and women’s shoes, ties, belts, tights, socks, and women’s undergarments.

Sephora will also have beauty consultants on hand offering makeup tips and mini makeovers to get students ready for the workforce.

J.C. Penney will also offer a discount on haircuts and a discount on professional headshots at their studio.

For any students who may need help shopping for work attire, volunteers will be on hand for styling tips and to answer any questions.

Lackey’s best advice for any students attending J.C. Penney’s Suit Up Event this Sunday is to look for pieces you’ll feel comfortable in.

“We always tell students to be comfortable, so obviously you want to look professional in whether it’s a three-piece suit, a skirt or blazer you want to be comfortable in what your doing. When you look professional, you give off an air of confidence. When students walk in and they feel good and they look good they tend to do better,” said Lackey.

To participate in Sunday’s event, students and alumni need to bring their student id. And J.C. Penney’s Suit Up Event will run from 6-9 p.m.