The land of the free and home of the brave. Unless you were born somewhere else, Then it’s the land of rejection and intolerance.

CSUB Opinion's writer Dane Kuntz shares his final thoughts about DACA and the repeal.

By Dane Kuntz

Opinion Writer

DACA. What does it mean to me, and what do I think about it? I think it is outrageous the elected leader of the free world is fighting so hard to oppose freedom and uphold bigotry. The president is now leaving the future of DACA in the hands of Congress tweeting, “congress, get ready to do your job-DACA!” This is a country founded on immigrants: the four fathers of America were immigrants at one time, too. Trump’s administration, including attorney general Jeff Sessions, is calling DACA unconstitutional and feels those 800,000 people in the country because of DACA are taking jobs from Americans.
But as I recall, Benjamin Franklin was an immigrant to this land, and he created the document we know as the Constitution to protect his rights and the rights of his families. Now this same constitution is stripping the rights away from hard working people. This is an outlandish way of thinking. I just cannot stand behind it.
Fifteen different states and Washington D.C have a problem with the reversal or overturning of Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals, and have filed lawsuits against the president and the U.S Government. This, to me, begs the question of if appealing DACA is lawful or constitutional.
Former President Obama calls President Trump’s actions nothing but cruel, and insists there is no legal or connotational reason for terminating the program calling it a “political decision and a moral question.” It is not a question. No doubt about it, the repeal of DACA is ridiculous and makes us look like a joke as a nation. With the decision to repeal DACA, America is now leading the way in narrow-mindedness.
The repeal of this program is a move being made by a power-hungry leader to prove that he will, because he can. I wish running our country was more than a reality T.V. show to the man in charge. With decisions like getting rid of DACA, it looks like he is fishing for drama to spike the rating. These are people as real as you and I, and if DACA is not passed, the reality they will face is truly a tragedy.

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