Students With Disabilities Are Not Accommodated

Unaware of procedures, students on campus voice their concerns

By Ola Iduma

News Reporter

CSU Bakersfield students with temporary disabilities said they are not aware that there are transportation and accommodation services for them on campus.

Bianca Kristopher, a junior sociology major injured her ankle while doing gymnastics and said it’s difficult for her to move around campus.

“I feel frustrated because my ankle hurts and I’m slow, walking to my classes. I usually end up being late to my next class whenever I have back-to-back classes, because I move like a snail. I wish there was some transportation on campus I can hop on,” said Kristopher.

Students with injuries have help available on campus.

Claudia Catota, assistant to the president for equity, inclusion, and compliance and title IX coordinator/DHR administrator said that there are services on campus for students who are temporarily disabled.

“Students with disabilities would report to the Services for Students with Disabilities center on campus, and depending on what their disability is, the SSD will be able to help them,” said Catota.

Catota said that accommodation within the classroom is provided for disabled students. For example, a student in a wheelchair can use a desk that would be comfortable and high enough to write on.

“Concerning parking, students could take a doctor’s note to the DMV, where they would receive a disability placard that they can put on their cars, said Catota. “DMV, however, takes a couple of days to weeks to send this, so, students have the option of going to the health center on campus where placards for temporary disabled students are provided.”

According to Catota, the SSD is currently working on a disability transportation system and has applied for six-passenger carts to be provided on campus for disabled students.

These carts would accommodate students in crutches, wheelchairs, and so on. The carts would have ramps that can take on wheel chairs.

Trevor Parks Jr., a senior criminal justice major, said that ever since he had a knee replacement surgery and has been going through recovery, it’s been difficult to walk more than a few meters at once.

“Sometimes, I look around to see if there are any of those golf-cart things so that I can get a ride to my class buildings, but I don’t see any,” said Parks Jr.

Parks Jr. said that he would love a system on campus that would help other students in similar conditions.

“I want to see the campus take action and provide services for students like me, so that we would not have to walk long distances from the parking lot to the main campus in such physical state,” said Parks Jr.

Students can contact the campus health center on (661) 654-2394 to obtain disability placards.

The SSD center can be contacted on (661) 654-3360, and according to the CSUB website, “will provide appropriate accommodations and resources to students with verified permanent or temporary disabilities.”


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