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Student problems with parking permits

By Ola Iduma


   The prices of parking permits at California State University, Bakersfield are expensive in relation to how many parking spaces are provided. Their costs should be decreased, because the purchase of a day pass or semester permit does not guarantee that there will be a parking space available due to overcrowded parking lots.

  Semester permits cost $93 for automobiles, $22 for motorcycles, and a day pass costs $6 for any vehicle. There are also metered spaces on campus and that costs $2.00 per hour, $0.25 per 8 minutes, $0.15 per 4 minutes, and $0.10 per 3 minutes.

  These campus parking fees are justified by section 8752 of the State Administrative Manual, which states, “Departments are to recover full costs whenever goods or services are provided for others.”

  While I agree with the State Administrative Manual, CSUB students should have the right to use the services that they have paid for. Many students are not always able to find parking spaces. 

  Those students then end up having to park off campus, even though they have paid almost $100 for a parking permit. To combat this issue, the price should be discounted for students since they don’t always get to utilize the pass. 

  According to the parking permit section on the CSUB website, “The CSU Bakersfield President has authority to establish campus fees and increase or decrease those fees. This gives them the right to alter the prices of parking passes, which would benefit the students.

  Julie Jay Eker, a biology major, said, “During fall 2017 semester, because of limited parking spaces, [she] had to park off campus sometimes,” even though she had bought a parking pass for the whole semester.

  “It’s either more parking spaces are provided or the permit price is waived depending on how many times we use a parking space. It can’t be both, because I feel like I don’t really benefit from what I pay for,” Eker said.

  While the California Code of Regulations gives the University Presidents the right to waive parking fee, these waivers do not apply to students. 

  According to the Parking Permit section on the CSUB website, parking fees are only waived for official guests of the President who come to campus to transact official state business, people who do volunteer work for the campus in general, entities who receive no pay for their service, people who have been invited to campus to participate in a job interview, people who are appointed to boards, committees, or other official campus bodies whose purpose is to help provide or raise economic support for the campus, and campus suppliers or vendors.

   Nania Gonzalez, a nursing major, said that there should be parking discounts, especially with the yearly tuition increases.

“Tuition is expensive as it is and now parking permits? It would be a good deal if parking was easy to find, but I can’t afford to pay that much for something I don’t always see to use,” Nania said.

  The campus’ priority should be on student success and graduation rates, not on making money off of hiked up parking passes that don’t even get used.

  The price of parking permits should be reduced since many students don’t get to utilize their purchase or spend so much time finding parking that they miss class time and other campus events.

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