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New order set to ban Tobacco on CSU campuses

By Jennifer Olague


 Any and all tobacco products will soon be banned from all 23 California State University campuses.  

 This policy, effective Sept. 1, is the result of an executive order by CSU Chancellor Timothy White.  

 Tobacco use is already prohibited on some CSU campuses, like CSU Fullerton, San Jose State and San Diego State.

 CSU and UC officials have been considering tobacco bans since 2014.

 The ban is intended to promote healthy and economical habits.

 “…Studies have clearly demonstrated the acute health benefits, medical costs savings, and organizational costs savings when individuals quit smoking,” according to Executive Order 1108.

“…In order to provide the California State University’s faculty, staff, students, guests and the public with campuses that support the principle of one’s individual freedom to learn, teach, work, think and take part in their intellectual endeavors in a fulfilling, rewarding, safe and healthy environment, the creation and implementation of a ‘smoke and tobacco free’ policy system wide is necessary and welcome,” the order reads.

 Some students are unaware of the new policy, while others said that they are not pleased.

 “I feel like campuses have a high number of smokers. Why would they ban it?” said Kathy Renteria, a junior and criminal justice major.

 “We are all adults. We all know the risks associated with smoking,” Renteria said.

 Other students expressed positive opinions toward the ban.

 “I think it’s good for students, said Fahad Alqathni, a freshman and computer science major.  

  “There’s going to decrease the amount of students who smoke,” Alqathni said.

 Though he approves of the policy, Alqathni also recognized some challenges.

“Maybe some of the students will not be able to make it to class on time (if they leave campus to smoke), said Alqathni.

 Bakersfield College student Marc Lopez said that the new policy may save students money.

 “It won’t prompt students to purchase tobacco products in-between classes, and the university will save money by not incorporating signage at designated smoking areas,” Lopez said.

CSU Chancellor Timothy White, signed an executive order banning smoking from all 23 CSU schools, effective Sept.1.
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