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Meet the people you should know

Horace Mitchell
CSUB President

  Dr. Horace Mitchell has been CSUB’s president since July 2004. He came to this campus with a vision of making both the administrative and student body more diverse. “As we moved forward with our campus theme this year of “Walking the Talk, From Vision to Evidence of CSUB Excellence.


Dr. Thomas Wallace
Vice President of Student Affairs
CAF 107

  Dr. Wallace has worked at other universities such as the University of Nebraska and the University of Mississippi, where he completed his Doctorate degree in Philosophy in Educational Leadership. He started working at CSUB in February 2012, and since then the campus has seen student enrollment increase over the years.


Janice Clausen
Students With Disabilities, Director
SA 142

  Janice and her team make sure that disable students get proper academic accommodation as well as physical access on campus. Students, who have trouble learning or have a previously diagnosed disability, can visit Janice and her team, who will assist them in taking a learning examination. Equipment is limited, so only students who have or think they might have a learning disability will be tested. “Find a mentor. Find a staff member, a faculty member, somebody who can help you along because college is a new experience,” she said.


Cindy Goodmon
Senior Associate Athletics Director of Internal and Business Operation
GYM 113

  She oversees the budget for the athletic department. For Cindy the best part about working with student athletes is to watch them grow throughout their college career. “I love it! I love, you know, not only being there for our students but also just being there to see them accomplish so much, whether it is in the classroom or …on the field…be the best that they can be,” said Cindy.


Vanessa Corona
Campus Advocate and Education Coordinator
DRM F102

  Vanessa is here to “provide confidential, culturally sensitive support, resources and referral services to the CSUB community impacted by sexual misconduct in addition to promoting education and outreach efforts to increase awareness regarding sexual misconduct.” She is happy that her services are more known now, and hopes to increase outreach to new students. She asks students to “have each other’s backs. If you see behavior that could potentially lead to something negative, I encourage you to intervene in the safest way possible.”


Marty Williamson
Chief University Police
PS 100

  Chief Williamson and university oversee campus safety. University police is the only office on campus that is open 24/7 with no automated phone system. They want students to feel comfortable asking for help, and hope to interact with students on a more casual way. The officers want to build trust with the campus community. “Be aware…this is a safe campus, but we are not immune… If something makes you feel uncomfortable, call us,” said Williamson. 


Rubicelia Alvarez
Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities
CAF 107

  Rubicelia and her team are responsible for administering the student code of conduct, established by the state of California for all CSUs. She wants to provide more programming and outreach for students, focusing on academic integrity. “We are responsible for our future, and so it is important for us to take that personal responsibility, accountability, and makin   ethical choices that are going to propel our futures,” she said advising student to make ethical academic choices.


Claudia Catota
Assistant to the President for Equity, Inclusion, and Compliance
BDC E100

  Claudia is responsible for the implementation of title IX, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation laws. “If students feel that they have been discriminated, harassed, or retaliated against, while they’re students here at CSUB, I would be the person that they need to contact in to file a complaint or to learn about the rights and options,” she said. Claudia reminds students that the most important thing why they are here is for their academics. “There are other activities that they can participate in, but academics always comes first,” said Claudia. “Also reach out for help…that is what we are here for, staff and faculty are here to help [students] be successful.”


Emily Poole
Director of Campus Programing
SU 141

  Emily oversees the social, educational, and cultural events on campus. For this academic year she would like to have more cultural events, so that students get exposed to diverse cultures on campus. “Get involved in something outside of class. That way they can meet people, and gather with people who are likeminded,” that is the advice she gives to CSUB students.


Chad Morris
Financial Aid Interim Director
SA 120

  The financial aid office recently partnered with new software, iGrad, that students can use to plan their monthly budget and be financially stable. One of the goals of the financial aid office is to get students familiar with this software, that can be found on the financial aid office’s.