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ASI offers opportunities

By Tanner Harris


  In spring 2017, Associated Students Inc. initiated their leader program.

  The program helps students sharpen their leadership skills for future jobs and positions.

  Maureen Fillmore, Greek life and student leadership coordinator, explained that it is an achievement-level program that students can attend for a maximum of four semesters.

  “We have scheduled 71 meetings this semester, so students can work it into their schedule,” said Fillmore.

  Fillmore also spoke about the different levels of the program.

  “There are four different levels of achievement in the program: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, each of which build on each other and have their own set of requirements,” said Fillmore.

  The program is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.

  This model is designed to help prepare students in understanding themselves and how their actions affect other people. 

  They also learn how to be positive change agents in society.

   Several students said that they were interested in such a program, but they were not aware that it existed.

  Susannah Vera, senior theatre major, said it sounded interesting.

  “It sounds like something that’s better to start when you’re a freshman or sophomore. [But] I think this should be advertised and explained better, because I haven’t really heard much about it,” said Vera.

  Madison Meaders, junior psychology major, said the program sounded interesting, but not to the point of attending.

  “Personally, I would not have gone, but I think that’s a good thing for students to have if you’re unemployed or looking to go into a business setting to learn those kind of skills,” said Meaders.

  Meaders, also said a broader base of communication would have been beneficial.

  The program is very beneficial for students who are willing to stay for all four semesters.

  “[The program] also helps students add to their portfolios when they’re trying to get internships or jobs, so they could talk about their experiences in the leader program,” said Fillmore.

  Jadyn Conner, ASI director of Clubs & Organizations Outreach, said that the program’s advertising was just fine.

  “I think that [advertising for the program] is going pretty well. There were multiple participants last semester, and some of them have come back for the Silver workshop,” said Conner.

  The leader program holds two meetings per week. 

  There are no requirements or prerequisites to join the program, but an RSVP is required for those interested in attending, to avoid cancellation. 

  Students are not required to stay for all four semesters. A schedule can be found online on ASI’s webpage.