Texting while out with friends is not cool

By Melissa Taylor
Copy Chief

They do it at dinner, at school, and they even do it at their friends’ houses – texting. Most of us are guilty of performing this mainstream act, but it’s not an easy habit to break, especially when cell phones do much more than just make phone calls. It’s now considered one of the most valuable things used on a daily basis. It organizes peoples’ lives, wakes them up, acts as a flashlight, etc.

Cell phones, whether it be an iPhone, Android, or other brand, stays close to its owner – especially for college students. All around campus there are students using their phones to communicate, tapping into the social media craze, or simply using it to keep busy between classes. If you really want to see a ton of cell phone use, walk into a boring lecture and sit in the back. It’s guaranteed that the majority of students will find themselves preoccupied with their phones or laptops.

Heather Sexton, a fifth year student in the credential program, said, “At first I think it’s a little rude that they can’t wait, but then I remind myself that it has become a social crutch for many people.” Often times people avoid uncomfortable situations by using their phone as an escape. Whether it’s during an awkward one-on-one moment, or walking in a crowd by themselves, it might help to have that stability of a cell phone to turn to.

Texting etiquette isn’t a formal thing, but is now becoming an unwritten law. Sometimes people feel ignored when they’re with someone constantly on their phone, especially during conversation.

Henry Ngo, a senior biology major, states his opinion by saying, “It’s obnoxious and inconsiderate – it’s implied they do that because they feel bored or uncomfortable.”

Ngo adds, “The only time when I feel it’s appropriate to constantly be on the phone is when I’m texting my friends to talk to them because I cant be with them hanging out.”

One of the new trends that avid cell phone users do is play a game. When out at dinner, everyone puts their phone in a pile on the table. The loser is the one who caves first and touches their phone. Said loser must also pick up the bill at the end of their meal. The reason why this game was invented was because people started going out to dinner, hopefully enjoying their company, but instead experienced looking at the tops of the heads of their partner thanks to the cell phone.

It’s disappointing for the couple or group of friends that go out to enjoy conversation and are let down when talking is kept to a minimum. With heads buried in cell phone screens, it’s hard to fight for the attention of someone with the gadget that offers them hours of entertainment. Texting isn’t necessarily bad or good – it’s how we use it.

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