Shafter celebrates 100 years with birthday bash

Sandy Ornelas
Staff writer

Sandy Ornelas/The Runner Local Shafter residents decorate a float for the centennial celebration.

Sandy Ornelas/The Runner
Local Shafter residents decorate a float for the centennial celebration.

The city of Shafter celebrated its 100th celebration with four days packed with festivities. Shafter’s centennial has been months in the making, beginning with two extravagant murals in downtown Shafter created by artist Chuck Caplinger and his wife Holgie Forrester. The murals represent Shafter’s history past and present with art on historical points of interest on Shafter and Shafter’s culture. birthday this past weekend. The city had a large The centennial celebration began Thursday Oct. 17 with a presentation on Shafter’s history at the Fred L. Starrh Performing Arts Center.

Rosie Painter, 63, was born and raised in Shafter.

“Shafter’s centennial is wonderful; looks like a huge success,” Painter said.

On Friday Oct. 18, there was a Shafter High School alumni tailgate, which included free tours of the campus and entertainment at Mannel Park. The night ended with fireworks.

On Saturday Oct. 19, the day started with a parade in downtown Shafter with floats representing organizations, schools, farmers and the first families of Shafter. Horses and classic cars filled the streets of Shafter as if it were 1913.

Linda Gregory, 63, now resides in Northern California, but came back to Shafter for the festivities.

“It’s great to be back here,” Gregory said.

Afterwards there was a celebration at Mannel Park with vendors, concession stands, exhibitors, live music and games. The night ended with a tractor pull and a barn dance. Shafter memorabilia was for sale at the event such as, historical playing cards, mugs, shirts, blankets and much more.

On Sunday Oct. 20, the festivities ended with a free tour at the historic Green Hotel and a sealed time capsule ceremony to be open on Oct. 20, 2038. The time capsule consumes objects that represent Shafter today in 2013. A 2013 Shafter yearbook and newspapers articles on Shafter are just a few items that will be put in the time capsule.

Cecelia Sebesta has lived in Shafter all her life. After she graduated college, she came back to
live in Shafter.

Painter, Gregory and Sebesta came back to Shafter High to celebrate their 45th reunion which was held in Shafter on Saturday. She stated it was nice to celebrate both Shafter’s birthday and our high school reunion on the same weekend.

“It’s exciting to be back for our 45th over a year,” Sebesta said.

Raul Garza, 21, was born and raised in Shafter. Garza said that Shafter is a great place to raise a

“Shafter centennial was the biggest celebration this town has ever had,” Garza said.

high school reunion. We have been planning this event for

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