Talladega Frights: spooky and fun

By Selene Sorto
Staff Writer

Talladega Frights Returns!

With Halloween just around the corner, many of us are looking for a little fright; if not, some family-friendly Halloween fun. As Bakersfield residents, we’re lucky to have some Halloween entertainment right here in town. Mike Wilbur brings back Talladega Frights this year for its sixth year in a row and for its first year at the Pioneer Village, a Bakersfield landmark believed to be haunted.

Image by Rob Thornburg/The Bakersfield Californian Actors dress up in scarily gruesome costumes at Talladega Frights, terrifying visitors.

Image by Rob Thornburg/The Bakersfield Californian
Actors dress up in scarily gruesome costumes at Talladega Frights, terrifying visitors.

What began as a home-scare attraction in 2005 has become a popular yearly community attraction. Talladega Frights includes two mazes, Zombie X (an interactive ride) and Halloween Town, a perfect feature for the younger crowd.

The Talladega Frights consists of two different mazes, Green River Asylum and Hillbilly Hell. Both have interesting back stories to them which make the visit horrifically thrilling. The Green River Asylum is an asylum that survived after a tornado destroyed the rest of the town. The staff and patients were the only survivors, and while they were busy planning an escape that would leave the patients to their death, Owen, the most functioning patient, planned to turn the asylum against them. He successfully accomplishes this with the other patients’ help by drugging the staff and experimenting on them.

As for the Hillbilly Hell maze, it consists of a hillbilly family’s home, rumored to have trapped people below. One girl managed an escape after eight years and she drew images of the nightmarish experiences that fell upon her during that time.  They were images that portrayed hanging heads and skinless bodies. What a fright to walk into, so it should definitely be a horrifyingly exciting experience.

Zombie X is another of the terrifying attractions available. Now, we all know how popular zombies have been lately in the cinema world so I expect this attraction to be a popular one. It’s a more interactive attraction where you get to ‘kill’ zombies with a special serum that was scientifically created.

Lastly, new this year, is Halloween Town. Halloween Town should be more popular among the younger crowd and families. It consists of a pumpkin cannons, pedal karts, gem mining, sledding hill, pumpkin patch, rock climbing wall, bounce house, hayride and carnival style midway with food and vendors. The price is $10. It’s perfect for all ages and it’s a fun way to start or end your night if you go to it before or after the haunted attractions.

Don’t wait any longer, and go enjoy a little scare this year at Talladega Frights. It’s the only way of making the Halloween experience complete!

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One thought on “Talladega Frights: spooky and fun

  1. Great story! We love it, thank you. We’re happy to be here and grateful for those who keep showing up each year. For the first time, we will be open Valentine’s weekend and for “Scream Break” as well! See you all then!

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