Get in where you fit in: Joining the perfect club

Brian Willhite

Distribution Manager

For many students, the college experience is not complete without joining a club or pledging to a Greek organization. For some, it may even be the part of college where their best memories are made. But for others, the thought of joining an organization is the furthest thing from their minds.

Sherry Nicole Thomas, member of Kappa Delta Nu, and Ed Webb, founder of Campus Gamers, have some advice for those looking to chart a new course on their college journey.

“I think students should join a club or organization because it helps to have fellow students looking out for you,” said Thomas.

“A lot of students are coming from different cities, so being in an organization such as a sorority or fraternity can help to give you a family away from home,” Thomas said.

According to Webb, joining a club can also help you connect with others who are just as passionate about things.

“You don’t need to be in a club to enjoy playing games, or discuss biology, or create art,” Webb said. “It lets you unite with others and take the thing you love and use it to change the world, even if it’s just your little part of it.”

Webb also added that going to a club meeting isn’t like signing up for a class and that it’s OK to stop by and just check it out.

“Just keep in mind that the club isn’t for you, it is you. A club is only as strong as the contributions of its members,” Webb said.

“Being in an organization or club is a great experience because you get the opportunity to pick what is important to you,” Thomas said. “Whether that may be community service, sports, religion, or other activities, there are many options and opportunities to help boost your college experience.”

To learn about clubs, go to the Office of Student Involvement and Learning in the Student Union.

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