CSUB introduces new calendaring system

By Caché Cantrell

Opinion Editor

During the past year, CSUB has been working to streamline the process of planning and informing the campus community of events such as classes, meetings and club events on campus. As of Aug. 1, CSUB has utilized the web-based calendaring system 25Live. Students, faculty and staff members can access the calendaring system online at using their computer login information.

Before the implementation of 25Live, requesting facilities and rooms for an event was done manually. Patrons had to fill out a facility use application and wait for it to be taken to the proper department for approvals. Staff members also used the calendaring program Meeting Maker, but unless access was given, seeing events in particular departments would not be accessible. With 25Live, the foot traffic and waiting time for approvals has become minimal.

“25Live has made the process more efficient because it is web-based and all of the data is tracked, which will allow the campus to capture important information such as space and resource utilization,” said Sarah Hendrick, University Advancement Events Coordinator and 25Live team member.

As a student, like the majority of the campus, I only have “requestor” access; this means that I can view the calendar of events and request rooms and resources for an event. From the requestor, the information goes to the event scheduler, who determines and reviews the resources necessary for the event and forwards the information to an approver. Once the proper approvals have been made the requestor will be sent an email to confirm approval.

Due to the stages in the process, requests must be made at least 10 days in advance. Events can be searched by name, location, the necessary resources, or the organization hosting the event.

For staff members, Campus Trainer Tammara Sherman will be holding five more training sessions for 25Live throughout the fall quarter. For more information call (661) 654-6919 or email

Additionally, Assistant Director of Campus Programming Emily Poole will be holding a training session for students involved in clubs on campus on Sept. 18 at noon in the Blue Room in Student Union.

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