Phi Sig uses Greek Week to give back

By Wanda Winkler

Staff Writer

The temperature sizzled as Phi Sigma Sigma sorority members served up five different kinds of pizza.

“We are here serving food to California State University, Bakersfield students because it is Greek Week from May 15 through May 21 and it is a time when the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership present the sororities and fraternities to CSUB. “We feel this is the best way for us and the other sorority clubs to socialize and get to know the CSUB community,” said Rose Paez.

The other participating sororities were Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta Nu, Nu Phi Chi, and Theta Sigma Chi. All five sororities contribute excellent community service throughout Kern County.

Phi Sigma Sigma is very involved in philanthropic work that includes assisting The National Kidney Foundation in collecting donations through charity events. Their most successful and prestigious event is hosting the annual Rock-a-Thon. Last year, they raised approximately $7,000 during the dance marathon for the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).

Shannon Smith is the Greek Week chairwoman this year for Phi Sigma Sigma. They received the first place award in the building competition when their house, The Breakfast Club, won at the Greek annual awards night Friday.

“It is amazing. The week was very long and all the Greeks got together and became united as one. Next year we will be coming back stronger than ever,” Smith said.

“One of my other favorite events is Project Linus. It is a benefit in which the sorority members make tie blankets and paper roses for children in hospitals nationwide. We like making children smile,” Smith said.

Next year, they (Phi Sigma Sigma) will team up with other Kern county businesses to increase donations.

Although Greek Week is over for 2013, the sororities and fraternities are already preparing for next year’s big events. Fundraising is a big part of community involvement so they are always looking for clever ways and opportunities to assist in giving back. Local businesses joined the CSUB Greek community by contributing to the success of “Relay for Life” this year. Next year they are hoping that the dance marathon and Relay for Life will exceed this year’s community fundraising.

Greek Week serves as an important part of CSUB’s fraternity and sorority recruiting. Since the sororities and fraternities serve a big function in student socialization at CSUB by teaching the students how to “develop tools for success and life-long friendships,” the Greek Week tradition will most likely live on at CSUB.

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