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Editor-in-Chief bids farewell

By Ashley Zaragoza



On the first day of spring quarter two years ago, I hesitantly wandered into Modular East 103, a room I had no idea existed, looking for Comm 214.

I vividly remember seeing a group of students in class hanging out, laughing and listening to music. I thought to myself: Maybe this won’t be so bad.

I, like the majority of students who join The Runner, was an English Major with credential emphasis (EMCE) student who was required to take the course. I knew the slightest bit about journalism writing. I wanted to be a high school English teacher, not a reporter – but that would soon change.

Over the next 10 weeks, I interviewed people from all walks of life, attended interesting events I never heard of before, enjoyed an outlet to voice my opinions to the campus and fell in love with newspaper production all the while.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that journalism, specifically print, was my untapped passion.

My past year as editor-in-chief of The Runner has been an exhilarating, rewarding journey. When I leave my position, I will take with me countless, valuable lessons.

For one, holding the leadership position, has taught me how to manage, teach and encourage a group of students to collectively work on a project.

Two, anything can be done in any amount of time. Whether it is hunting down an interview subject or finishing the design of a page just seconds before deadline, there is always a solution.

Three, if I’m crazy enough to devote several hours outside of class for two units, with the addition of two jobs and 18 academic units, I must be in the right field.

For me, wrapping up my few remaining days as editor-in-chief is bittersweet. It is bitter on the one hand, for I will miss the staff and faculty. On the other hand, I look forward to my post-collegiate career with excitement about the opportunities that await me.

I would like to thank former editor-in-chiefs Mark Nessia and Rhianna Taylor-Cummings for introducing me to the fascinating world of journalism and assisting me with their expertise; former adviser John Emig for uplifting me during the challenging points of my career and imparting on me his priceless life wisdom; current adviser Jennifer Burger for teaching me more about the field and providing me with career and networking opportunities; my staff, both past and present, who have made me a very proud editor-in-chief due to all their hard work; and my audience, who has each week allowed me to share with them a product that is very dear to me.

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