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Students weigh in on transition to semester system

By Katherine Downey
Staff Writer

In recent months, there has been talk of the possibility that California State University Bakersfield will be converting to the semester system. It was originally introduced by former Chancellor Charles Reed. Current CSUB Chancellor Timothy White plans to continue with the task of making CSUB a semester system school. Students here on campus have differing opinions about this issue but most agree that they don’t like it.

According to ASI Vice President of External Affairs, Emily Schnell, “The original plan of action was that CSUB would switch to the semester system in the 2014/2015 school year, but budget issues have made the switch difficult.”

CSUB wanted to make the process easier for incoming students. “The main idea behind the switch is so that all 23 schools under the CSU system would have easier transitions between schools and the administration would be able to function more effectively,” said Schnell.

“Another reason for the switch is that students from high school and community colleges have a really hard time transitioning to the fast pace of the quarter system,” said Schnell.

According to Schnell, the reason why CSUB has not made the switch yet is because of the cost. According to Schnell, “It takes a lot of extra hired hands and man power to change to a semester system. This is because all of the curriculums have to be reworked.”

Schnell did say that financial aid would also have to be reworked but that it would be equivalent to what students receive now. There would be no cut in financial aid.

Savannah Andrews, a sophomore who is double majoring in psychology and communications, said that she would be “really upset if the change took place” because “I feel like it would take longer.”

“Part of the reason I came to this school is because I feel like I can get done faster. I would probably transfer if they implemented the switch,” said Andrews.

Freshman biochemistry major Maryam Ali said, “I am just experiencing the [quarter] system. I do like it because it goes by fast and there is no room for procrastination and I can also take more classes in a year.”

“I do like the quarter system but I can see the benefits of the semester system and I don’t think I would be too upset if CSUB made the switch. I don’t know that it would really affect me all that much since I’m just starting here at CSUB,” said Ali.

Yasmin Ramirez, a junior chemistry major, said “I have a set plan in motion to graduate in a couple years. So moving to the semester system would really mess me up.”

“15 units is a lot to handle with the quarter system and the increased work load with the semester system would be hard, especially for me because chemistry is a tough major. Plus, I like the fact that I can build my own schedule and get done quickly in 10 weeks,” said Ramirez.

Schnell did made it clear that if and when CSUB does make the switch that “students will still graduate in four years. The curriculum will be reworked and the students will achieve success.”

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