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ASI student elections on the horizon

By: Garrett Geissel

Staff Writer

It is nearly that time of the year for the Associated Students, Inc. elections on campus. Becoming a student representative for ASI is a way for students with leadership qualities, or those seeking them, to become involved with change on campus.

According to the ASI mission statement, the organization “exists to provide an official voice through which students’ opinions and issues may be expressed regarding university and statewide affairs.”

ASI student representatives are integral to the success of the organization, and the work accomplished by these students does not go unnoticed.

“You will be looked at as a campus leader,” said J.R. Perez, who was the Vice President of External Affairs for ASI for two years. Perez added that “previous officers now hold prestigious positions in the community.”

Involvement in ASI can be very beneficial for students, as the management, networking, and event planning taught in ASI not only looks great on a resume, but it also provides invaluable experience for future careers.

There are many other benefits that accompany an ASI leadership position which include: one unit of credit, priority registration, and a quarterly parking pass. Executive Officers also receive a quarterly scholarship.

“ASI is about student leadership. One of the beneficial things about ASI students is that they are the top student leaders on campus,” said Taren Mulhause, Executive Director of ASI. Mulhause added that being a member of ASI is “the highest level of involvement [for students] that makes change.”

The executive positions for ASI available for students include: president, executive vice president, vice president of finance, vice president of external affairs, and vice president of programming. The Director Positions available include: 2 Directors from each school, 3 Lower Division Directors, 5 Upper Division Directors, 2 Grad Directors, and 2 Housing Directors.

There are many upcoming dates that are important for those planning to run, or vote, for an ASI position. These dates include:

April 22- First day for election filing. Packets are available at the ASI office in the Student Union, near the bookstore.

May 3- Last day to turn in packets. Election filing ends.

May 15-16- Online Elections.

May 17- Election results will be announced.

Candidates planning to run must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and must have completed two quarters prior to running. Undergraduates must be registered for at least nine quarter units and graduate students must be registered for at least four quarter units. Elected ASI officials will assume office in the month of June.

It is important to “encourage every single student to vote, so they have a voice in who the elected officials are,” Perez said.

For more information on running for a position, quarterly scholarships for executive officers, or voting, contact ASI at 661-654-2418 or

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